Are Bidets A Privilege?

Corin Wells | 01 May, 2019

Everyone has a right to a clean ass.

Are Bidets A Privilege?

01 May, 2019

When you hear the word bidet, your response is either “Who is she?” or "Those are expensive af." The thought of a bidet probably conjures images of Robin Leach screaming the cost of Donatella Versace’s solid gold bathroom in his extravagant British voice (R.I.P.) Or you imagine a super high tech Japanese device that not only washes your backside but also takes your coffee order, starts your car, and calls your mom on her birthday. The bottom line is bidets can be very expensive and as a result, inaccessible to everyday pooping humans. TUSHY is trying to change that.

We believe that all butts are created equal. Like snowflakes, no two buttholes are the same but every butthole is special and deserves to be clean. Educating every pooping human about bidets and their benefits is the first step to making them available to everyone. 

We believe in making good health and hygiene accessible for every booty. Much like we believe in making toilets accessible for every booty, we figure, why stop there. Everyone should have access to safe and clean toilets and they should also have access to a TUSHY bidet or another means to clean themselves properly with water. Not properly cleaning after you poop can lead to serious health problems including UTIs and other bacterial infections caused by leftover fecal matter.

We believe that anyone can have nice things at an affordable price. I like to call this “ballin’ on a budget.” TUSHY bidets are sleek, modern and elevate any bathroom making it feel high end without the thousand dollar price tag. 

We believe that bidets should not be a privilege but a right for all booties. That’s why TUSHY starts at only $69. It’s an investment that pays for itself. When you switch to TUSHY, you can reduce your toilet paper use by up to 80%, saving you money on TP.


Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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