The Perfect V-DAY Gifts For However You DTR

Corin Wells | 05 Feb, 2020

The Perfect V-DAY Gifts For However You DTR

The best gifts for all of your lovers, partners, FWB, FB, BD, DOM/SUB, etc. etc.

The Perfect V-DAY Gifts For However You DTR

05 Feb, 2020

Monogamy is cool and everything. And if that’s your style, we LOVE that for you. But it’s 2020 and there’s a lot of love to give in a lot of different ways. For Valentine’s Day, no matter your love style, we all speak the same love language of giving. Here are some perfect gift ideas for your very special and unique situationship or however you define the relationship.

For Ur Unicorn

What is a “Unicorn”? Well, long-term couples sometimes seek out a mythical being who can seamlessly entire their relationship, drama free.  This person is willing to join a couple in the form of a third partner either for pleasure or some kind of commitment. If you’re a couple looking for the perfect gift for your perfect unicorn we recommend the TUSHY Travel in Take Off Teal and A TUSHY Classic Bidet in Bamboo. Such a unique and rare person deserves something extremely special from both of you.  

Valentines Day Gifts

For Ur PolyFam

Sometimes, you’ve got so much love to give and you connect with so many people on so many intimate levels… so you date them all. And sometimes, they all date each other, too. It’s pretty beautiful. But getting all of your lovers' and partners' gifts can end up being quite expensive. Especially if you’re in a consensual poly relationship. But, if you all live together, we might have a hack for you. Just TUSHY-ify the entire bathroom. It’s a gift for everyone. Spoil them with a TUSHY Classic, the TUSHY Ottoman and a set of TUSHY bamboo towels that you all can relish in. When your partners’ butts are happy, you’re happy. 

Valentines Day

For Ur FWB (Friend with Benefits)

You’re homie in the streets but your lover in the sheets. We’ve all experienced this relationship at one point or another. It can be quite rewarding when both parties are on the same page and are able to stay friends who ...well, fuck. What to get this special person? Why not get them 3 month Bamboo Toilet Paper Subscription. Much like your situation, it’s not quite a commitment but it’s still very sustainable. ;)

Valentines Day

For Ur LDR (Long DIstance Relationship)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say. Absence also makes the eyes wander. Keep your distant lover close by showering their butt with TUSHY gifts.  I would suggest giving them the gift of the TUSHY Travel and a set of bum towels. They can pack it up with them when the two of you meet up for a rendevous in Santa Fe for a passionate weekend together. 

Valentines Day

For U 

Solo love is the best kind of love. Because as RuPaul said, If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else. Whether you are newly single, strictly asexual, autosexual, or you’re into riding this ride alone for a while, gift yourself some TUSHY love. Wrap yourself in our bamboo bath towels and treat yourself to the best poop you’ve ever had with the TUSHY Spa and the TUSHY Ottoman. A bathroom experience fit for royalty. And if you’re treating yourself to a solo trip, grab a TUSHY Travel in Jet Black

Valentines Day

However, you choose to love this Valentine's Day, love hard and love fully and love sustainably with TUSHY. 

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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