Electric Bidets vs Non Electric Bidets

Morgan Moran | 08 Aug, 2023

Electric Bidets vs Non Electric Bidets

How to choose the best bidet for one and one’s booty when there are so...

Electric Bidets vs Non Electric Bidets

08 Aug, 2023

Electric Bidets vs Non-Electric Bidets

Are you someone who drinks iced coffee in the middle of winter, or do you choose a hot cup of joe on a sweltering summer afternoon? These may seem like random questions about beverage proclivity, but when it comes to bidet discussion, they can be helpful thought experiments! 

How do you choose the best bidet when there are so many options? Non-electric or electric? Warm or cool? Bougie or bare bones? How much do bidets even cost? There’s a lot to consider––budget, bathroom layout, IBS SOS needs… We’ll help you find the best bidet match so you can poop happily ever after.

Electric Bidet Attachments

TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat

Has your bum ever been touched by a literal angel? An electric bidet, like the TUSHY Ace, delivers otherworldly pooping––with seat warming, air drying, and oscillating front/bum wash options.

Advantages of Electric Bidets

Red carpet pooping.

  • Heated seat for decadent middle of the night poops.
  • Temperature-controlled water that’s warm and ready on-demand. (Non-electric bidets can take a few secs.) 
  • Extra wash nozzles for front and bum cleaning/massaging. 
  • Bum dryer to eliminate any need for toilet paper pats or drip-drying.
  • Precision remote controls vs more basic knobs.

Electric bidets are particularly helpful for the elderly or folks with limited strength or mobility, as they do not include knobs or switches to fumble with.

Cons of Electric Bidets

Pricey and outlet-dependent.

  • More difficult bidet installation, requiring proximity to a grounded outlet.
  • Cannot be used during power outages unless you’re rocking a doomsday generator.
  • Water stream is often not as strong. Electric bidets rely on an internal pump whereas non-electric bidets use your home’s water pressure.
  • Can be more than double the price of a non-electric bidet. 

Lastly, some may associate the heated seat with another bum having warmed the throne just before you, but again, that’s up to you.

Non Electric Bidets

TUSHY Classic Non-Electric Bidet Attachment

There’s nothing quite like the satisfying simplicity of a fully functional and to the point bidet attachment. The TUSHY Classic and TUSHY Spa are the most affordable and life changing bidet attachments on the market.

Advantages of Non-Electric Bidets

Low maintenance and unfussy. 

  • Fit most toilets using basic tools you have around the house.
  • Install in minutes requiring no electrical or extra plumbing. 
  • Ultra affordable, paying for themselves in well under a year.
  • Spray your butt in the dark. No power? No problem. Non-electric bidets can be used to self-soothe in an outage. 

Cons of Non-Electric Bidets

Fewer bells and whistles.

  • Cold water can be shocking. Most non-electric bidets use cooler water. It’s amazing in summer but a bit Nordic in winter.

  • More basic controls like knobs and switches that require twisting, which can be difficult for people with mobility issues. 

  • No built-in drying method, so you need to rely on towels or a few squares of bamboo TP.

If warm water is a must for you, the TUSHY Spa is a great non-electric option that just needs to hook up to your sink’s warm water connection. Remember though, that just like your sink, it may take a second or two for the stream to warm up.


An electric bidet will require, surprise, electricity! So an outlet near the toilet is required. As with any type of bidet, the electric will also need a hookup to the clean water tank on your toilet. Many electric bidets (like the beautiful TUSHY Ace!) are an entire toilet seat, not just an attachment for under the toilet seat. So once you get your new seat attached, you don’t need to put your previous one back on! Unless of course you’re into double toilet seating, which I’ve never heard of, but could be fun.

A non-electric bidet of course just needs a hook up to the clean water tank, and a hot water hook up to the sink (if you’re opting for non-electric temp control!). Most non-electric bidets fit between the toilet seat and the bowl itself, so you don’t have to part with your existing toilet seat. Saying goodbye is hard, I know.

How Much Are Electric and Non Electric Bidets?

As we’ve said, electric bidets will cost you a pretty penny, priced anywhere from $200 to $700. All that splendor and magnificence unfortunately ain’t free. The non-electric option is more budget friendly, anywhere from $40-$200.

Electric vs. Non-Electric Bidet: Which is Better for You?

If you want the bells and whistles, fanfare for your fanny, pomp and circumstance for your pooper, an electric bidet like the TUSHY Ace may be the path for you.

Alternatively if you’d like to save a few bones and clean up with no muss or fuss, the non-electric TUSHY Classic or Spa could become your hole mate! It really just comes down to your bathroom set up and personal preference.

The bottom (hehe) line is that both an electric and non-electric bidet will give you the top notch clean that we all deserve and desire. No booty wants to stay dirty after dropping the kids at the pool, and it’s proven time and again that washing instead of wiping is keeping bums around the world happier and healthier.

If you wanna upgrade your bathroom routine, take a moment and meditate on the specifics of what that new dream looks like. Chances are, it includes a TUSHY Ace, TUSHY Classic, or TUSHY Spa. Each is guaranteed to clean your behind like you’ve never experienced before, and once you’ve decided you’re ready to elevate your pooping experience, you just need to choose your fighter.

Now go find your perfect butt buddy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are non-electric bidets worth it?

If you’re someone who spends *a lot* of time on the crapper and appreciates the meditative effects of a luxury bidet, absolutely. If you’re more of a shit and get off the pot kind of person, a non-electric bidet may be more your style.

Are all electric bidets heated?

Yes, the heated seat is standard on electric bidets along with warm water front and rear wash. 

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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