Helping Your Anal Yeast Infection with a Bidet

Corin Wells | 28 Oct, 2020

Helping Your Anal Yeast Infection with a Bidet

On occasion, we've all had an itchy anus. But anal yeast infections can be more...

Helping Your Anal Yeast Infection with a Bidet

28 Oct, 2020

Man holding onto his butt with discomfort from an anal yeast infection

Pruritus Ani (Latin). The phrase evokes medieval Catholicism. But what does it mean? Is it Latin for prudish year? Is it the name of a historical saint? 

... Is it legal jargon? Has the phrase decorated the hallowed halls of Harvard Law School and our highest courts?

A hint: it is more ancient than Latin. It has afflicted our greatest saints and sinners. Its meaning: Anal Itch.

Ah yes, anal itch. Deep in your butt ditch. Widely experienced, rarely discussed. And more treatable than ever. To learn about one of the most common causes of your Latin condition, and the best treatments for an itchy anus, read on.

Why Do I Have an Itchy Anus? 

The eternal question! Why are you afflicted with a burn in your back door?

The butt’s balloon knot is a sensitive area, and itching has a handful of common causes. Irritants like harsh soaps or deodorant sprays can disrupt the natural oily surface of the area. Skin conditions that would make your arm itch can do the same on your booty (think psoriasis and contact dermatitis).

Diet, diabetes, hemorrhoids and more can all contribute to the unscratchable itch. And all types of infections, from STIs to -- the focus of this article -- yeast infections.

Yeast infections and Pruritus Ani are bffs. This post will take a look at the causes of an anal yeast infection, treatments, and how a bidet can be your ally as you find your way out of itch alley.

What is an Anal Yeast Infection?

Let’s start by describing a yeast infection, which is also known as Candidiasis. We’re super vibing on this Latin!

Candidiasis is an infection caused by an overgrowth of yeast, a type of fungus. That yeast is called Candida and normally, Candida is a helpful, chill part of your body system. It happily and helpfully lives on your skin and inside the body, in places like the mouth, gut, and vagina (for those so blessed with #VagLife).

But Candida can cause infections if it overgrows. In the mouth or throat, this is called thrush. In the vagine, it’s normally just called a yeast infection or vaginal yeast infection. And in the anus, well, it’s self explanatory.

What Causes Anal Yeast Infections?

Sometimes, the environment inside and around the anus changes in a way that encourages Candida to multiply. This can cause an overgrowth of yeast. So what events or activities are like a house party for Candida?

Well, for one - Candida is normally kept in check by bacteria. If you take antibiotics, it can allow the yeast to overgrow. Bam! Candida house party. If you’re diabetic and your blood sugar is not well regulated, your blood sugar can spike. Bam! Kegger for Candida.

And thick folks also have some goody goody for Candida. Since the yeast likes moist, warm environments, chunky skin folds can be like a fungus frat house. And there’s an overlap between large bodies and diabetes, so that blood sugar kegger can happen with our plus-sized friends too. 

Now, say you’re a diabetes-free, Skinny-Minnie who doesn’t take antibiotics and you still got that yeasty ass? Congratulations, you’re probably f*cking! Because the other causes include:

Anal Sex

An Anal Yeast infection is not an STI, but it can be transferred by anal sex with an afflicted partner.


That tossed salad is an especially happy home for Candida. If you are eating someone’s overly yeasty sourdough starter, your own Candida cup may soon overflow.

Sex Toys

If you’re sharing sex toys with someone who has a yeast infection, you’re likely to… how should we say… end up with Latin homework. #PruritusAni

Anal Yeast Infection Symptoms: 

Gif of Baloo from Jungle Book scratching his back on a tree

How do you know if you have an Anal Yeast infection? Well, they itch like a mother f*cker. If you wish you could use a tree to scratch your back crack, you may well have Candidiasis.

Generally, a yeast infection comes on strong with intense symptoms for the first few days, and then you’ll continue to experience milder symptoms. The Candida signs will be centered around your anus and often include

  • Irritated Skin
  • Anal Itching
  • Inflammation and Redness
  • Potential Discharge
  • Soreness from Scratching

How to Stop Anal Itching and Treat Anal Yeast Infections 

Good news: yeast infections are super treatable. Treatments that are marketed towards vaginal yeast infections also work for anal yeast itch. Your doctor may direct you towards a cream, ointment, tablet or suppository, or an over-the-counter medication. Symptoms like itching and burning should chill out within a day or two, while inflammation and skin irritation may take a little longer.

Severe or chronic yeast infections may need a more intense course of treatment (think itches that last for months, not weeks). Be sure to follow the entire course of treatment that your M.D. offers.

If you want to try to get that anal itching under control on your own, we have some options. Studies show that probiotics help shut down fungal infections. Studies show that consummate multi-tasker coconut oil contains microbial properties that help combat Candida overgrowth. As we’re recommending, like, oil to treat your asshole, this as good a time as any to mention:

TUSHY is not licensed to give medical advice, so first consult with a physician or pharmacist before attempting any of the recommended treatments.

Clean Your Itchy Butt with a Bidet

Regardless of your preferred course to recovery, a bidet is a powerful Candida crushing sidekick. Bidets help to clean the booty without scratching or irritating the skin, or the helpful protective oils around the anus. Plus, it’s more hygienic than toilet paper, which is a major pro if you’re tackling an infection. Fungal Fighters, Unite!

Final Thoughts:

All due respect to Pruritus Ani, it’s important to ditch the itch. Anal Yeast Infections are as uncomfortable as they are treatable, which is to say - very! A Candida overgrowth is no reason for overwhelm. With a little knowledge, a good ointment and a TUSHY warm water bidet, you’ll be leaving Latin and anal itch in the past.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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