V-Steams 101: What is Vaginal Steaming and How Does it Work?

Corin Wells | 24 Feb, 2021

V-Steams 101: What is Vaginal Steaming and How Does it Work?

Ever consider pampering your hoo-hah with a hot steam spa? Enter the world of v-steams!...

V-Steams 101: What is Vaginal Steaming and How Does it Work?

24 Feb, 2021

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So, What Is A V-Steam?

Vaginal steaming is described as an ancient Korean treatment to “cure” reproductive organ ailments, cleanse the vagina and uterus and regulate and ease menstruation symptoms by literally directing herb-infused steam into your vagina. It’s also referred to as “yoni steams”

Traditionally these were done as a communal activity and today’s spas often have steaming rooms with multiple chairs in it so women can mingle and… steam their vajay-jays together? 

Herbs often used alone or in combination include:

  • Mugwort
  • Wormwood
  • Chamomile
  • Calendula
  • Basil
  • Oregano

We’re sure 90% of those ingredients can be found in Professor Sprouts Herbology Class at Hogwarts. Most spas that offer this service have a special, throne-like seat with a hole for the steam to come through. You can try this at home however it is a little more challenging and much less luxurious.

Okay, How Does Vaginal Steaming Work, Exactly?

1. You’ll change out of your clothes and sit your pretty vagina over a hole in a throne-like chair 

If you’re taking your v-steam at a spa, you’ll likely be asked to undress and given a wrap to wear. Then your lady parts will be crowned on a steamy throne, as you sit over a cauldron of herbs. Call it witchy or wizardry, it’s definitely still done in a medieval type of new-world glam.

2. Hot water will be poured over an herb mixture in the bowl under the chair and the steaming begins

And thus, let the yoni steaming begin! Usually lasting 20-60 minutes, these steam sessions use the holistic benefits of the herbs to penetrate the tissues of the vagina. Think of it like a facial for your vag!

3. You may be given snacks, beverages or sit amongst other women while you steam

Depending on the spa of course, you may be given complimentary treats to entertain yourself with while you wait or add to the benefits of the steam treatment, like a hot turmeric tea. It’s also likely that you’re getting your steam on amongst other women, as it is traditionally a communal activity!

4. When done, you’ll dry off, get changed and be free to go with a fresh vagina!

Voila! Hopefully your vag will be left feeling some type of way after being suffocated for the duration of your session.

What Are The Benefits to V Steams?

Though there are no proven medical or scientific benefits to vaginal steams, it is still a natural remedy for vaginal and reproductive care. Reported benefits of vaginal steams include:

  • Reducing menstrual symptoms
  • Boosting fertility
  • Treating hemorrhoids
  • Easing stress and depression symptoms
  • Aid in healing after childbirth
  • Balance irregular hormones

Who knew steaming up your vagina could have so many potential benefits! And honestly, who are we to judge natural remedies for butt and front care? If it makes you feel good, especially if you suffer from any of the ailments above, it may be worth a try!

Are There Any Risks to V Steaming?

While there’s no scientific backing to say that vaginal steaming is safe or not, Gynecologists and physicians seem to lean towards the idea that the vagina does not need “steam cleaning” as it is biologically designed to 1. clean itself and 2. hosts a great deal of good bacteria that have a job to do down there. 


In fact, there is also a risk of burns happening during a v steam session. Naturally, the steam is hot and as reported in this case study by the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, a woman received second degree burns on her vagina after seeking v-steam treatment to reduce vaginal prolapse. Yikes.

Other risks include things like throwing off your body’s natural PH balance by unintentionally killing off that good bacteria we mentioned, which lead to things like infections.

So basically, it’s your call here. As with many natural fads and trends, there are risks to any non-scientific based treatments and remedies. Vaginal steams are like sorcery for your vagina. You’re either here for the magic, or it’s not your cup of witchery.

V-Steam Alternatives

There are always other measures you can take to keep your yoni feeling fresh without spending spa money, sharing the experience with random women, or albeit, taking the risk of choosing to steam your vagina at all! 

At Home Yoni Steams

Not feeling the communal vaginal steaming thing, but still want to try it out? Some women opt for at-home vaginal steams using sitz baths with tea bags, yoni steam kits and DIY herb mixtures. This is a great option for easing into this practice and doing so in the comfort of your own home; plus, it can be done relatively easily and at a low cost.

Bidet Attachments

Others may consider using bidets to keep themselves fresh and clean, like a TUSHY bidet attachment — which is a great way to keep your whole undercarriage clean, from front to back! The TUSHY Spa in particular delivers a stream of warm water to your vagina or bum. No steam or tea needed here, but it’s hygienic, saves you money, and it puts the “rest” in restroom.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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