How To Use a Bidet as a Woman

Morgan Moran | 20 Jun, 2024

How To Use a Bidet as a Woman

Learn how to use a bidet as a woman to feel shower-fresh while reducing risk...

How To Use a Bidet as a Woman

20 Jun, 2024


Four words are branded on our Vs from birth: WIPE FRONT TO BACK.
This helps prevent bacteria from hitchhiking from our butts into our urethras. But what if we told you that no matter how pristinely you wipe, Martha Stewart herself could still get a UTI after pooping?

Bidet attachments help wash away the residue that toilet paper just smears around. But you probably have questions like WILL IT SPRAY POOP WATER IN MY SNATCH?

No and keep reading! We’ll teach you how to use a bidet as a woman to enjoy the cleanest, most shower-fresh parts of your life.


Are Bidets Sanitary for Women?

When used properly (you’re going to hear those words a lot) YES. Bidets are sanitary for females who poop. Washing with a bidet is often recommended by doctors, dermatologists, and our female founder.

Here are 3 important ways that bidets are sanitary for women: 

  1. Cleaner crevices. You ever successfully wipe the peanut butter out of your dog’s chew toy? Hell no. TP only reaches so far and just smears sh*t around. A bidet uses a precise stream of clean water to wash stealth bacteria away. Total life-saver when it’s coming out like lava. 
  2. Cleaner hands. A 2022 study found that bidet users’ hands carry FAR fewer microbes than people who wipe––because you aren’t touching a dirty butt. That means when you DO touch yourself, you’re bringing hygienic hands to the party.
  3. Cleaner undies. Because bidets wash away 99% of poop particles, you sit in substantially less bacteria between showers and underwear changes. If you’re using a bidet the right way, there’s way less risk of bacterial contact than wiping with toilet paper.

How to Use a Bidet As a Woman

We want to avoid going from one extreme to the other aka you going from 20+ years of wiping to firehosing yourself off the toilet. Follow these steps to acclimate and learn how a woman should use a bidet.

Step 1: Go slow! Practice with a clean butt.

Remember: You didn’t come in hot with a super plus tampon on your first period. Apply the same training wheels to bidet life. Pressure, nozzle angle, and water temperature can vary hugely. After learning how to install a bidet, sit on your toilet and practice your angles. Lean forward/recline to start building the muscle memory of washing your front vs your butt.

Step 2: Experiment with angle and pressure.

Turn the knob to the lowest pressure setting and adjust the nozzle until it’s hitting your butt’s bullseye. From here you can increase pressure to see what feels right for your bum. Fun fact: Non-electric bidets will feel more intense than electric bidets because they rely on household pressure, and every house is different!

Step 3: Got a warm water bidet? Slowly increase the temp.

If you live and poop in a house with temperamental water temperature (like a shower that goes from freezing to hades by turning the faucet 1/4”) you’ll want to test your bidet warmth slowly. Just like you wouldn’t invert a scalding showerhead, you don’t want to introduce excessive heat via your bidet. Now let’s learn how to how to work a bidet for a woman!

Step 4: Wash front to back.

If you have a dual nozzle bidet, skip to the next step! While water is inherently cleaner than wiping, it’s still a good idea to avoid rolling from a booty wash straight into a vulva wash. It’s typically easiest to clean your front and bum independently, turning the nozzle off as you transition between the two. Doing this with a TUSHY bidet engages the self-clean feature, which ensures your nozzle is clean as a whistle!

Step 5: Avoid spraying inside your vagina.

Spraying the butthole? Terrific. Washing the vulva? Love it. But remember that your vagina (aka your interior genitalia) self-cleans. And spraying it excessively with water can disrupt your natural flora. We wrote a whole blog about cleaning your vagina the right way.

Step 6: Dry your booty.

After washing for up to 30 seconds, turn off your bidet and pat dry. You can use a couple squares of unbleached toilet paper OR go 100% TP-free with a washable towel. You can also drip dry or choose a bidet with a bum drying feature. 

DOO IT FOR REAL: Poop. Wash. Repeat forever.

Congrats! You’ve learned how a woman should use a bidet! Soon you’ll be able to poop in the dark, hit your bullseye on the first try, and avoid the cross-contamination that can happen with unhygienic wiping. True Wonder Woman stuff! 



Extra Credit: Go all the way with your bidet.
We need to talk about using a bidet for pleasure. Pour yourself a glass of wine and let the education begin.

Benefits of Bidets for Women

All the ladies with no dingleberries––throw your hands up at me. In addition to enjoying the cleanest booty of your life,  using a bidet as a woman helps: 

  • Reduce UTIs: A dramatically smaller bacterial load = Less chance of infection from cross-contamination. 

  • Soften Skin: Imagine how healthy your bootyhole will feel when you stop wiping with dry TP and harsh wet wipes. Bidets reduce skin irritation, bleeding, and anal fissures.

  • Improve Period Care: Feel fresh as snow on your heaviest flow day. Suck it, uterine lining! 

  • Cleanup After Sex: Gently wash yourself and fall asleep knowing it won’t burn when you pee in the morning. 

  • Ease Postpartum Toileting: Eliminate painful wiping on your sensitive bottom or the need to twist your C-section incision to reach the TP.


How to use a bidet as a woman

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bidets safe during pregnancy?

In most cases and when used properly, yes. Many pregnant women adore using a bidet, especially warm water bidets that help relieve constipation, soothe hemorrhoids, and get in those hard to reach places. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, it’s best to talk to your doctor about pre-term birth risk factors.  

Can bidets cause UTIs or yeast infections?

Improper use of a bidet (i.e. excessive spraying inside your vagina, using a dirty bidet, washing back to front) can disrupt your vaginal flora and increase your risk of developing certain infections. Overall, the risks of wiping far outweigh the risks of washing. 

Are cold water bidets uncomfortable for women?

This is 100% personal preference. If you run hot, live at the gym, or reside in a warmer climate, a room-temp blast from your bidet is invigorating. If you are chronically chilly or have a more sensitive bottom, consider a bidet with warm water. 

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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