TUSHY's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Corin Wells | 08 Nov, 2018

TUSHY's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The perfect gift for the hole-idays.

TUSHY's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

08 Nov, 2018

Happy Holidays! Ok, I’m a bit early but how can you not be excited? It’s never too early to start planning for the perfect gifts. Obviously, you’re going to want to get every single person on your list some TUSHY products so team TUSHY has assembled a gift guide for the most important booties on your Christmas list.

For Mom

What to get the woman that birthed you from her own loins? The world? No… no one wants that. The world is in disarray. Get her a TUSHY Spa in Bamboo and a 3-month subscription for Bamboo Toilet Paper?Holiday 2018

For Dad

Dad is probably the easiest person to shop for because he’ll appreciate anything. Whether it’s a tie or a gift card to Applebee’s, the man will be satisfied. Why not get him something unexpected this year, like the TUSHY Classic Blue and Bamboo along with an Ask Me About My Butthole T-Shirt. Dads love dumb t-shirts.

For Your Love

Have you been together for 2 months or have you been together for 50 millennia? Either way, you are sure to get some of that good good lovin’ after your boo unwraps a TUSHY Classic and a set of bamboo TUSHY towels.

Holiday 2018

For Your BFF

What would Oprah get Gayle for the holidays? What would Ben get Matt? What would Finn get Jake? Probably a TUSHY Gift Card! Give your PIC the gift of a clean bottom but also the right to choose. Maybe their a TUSHY Noir ...or they could be a TUSHY Pink! Ugh, it’s too hard to choose for them so let them choose for themselves.


For your Secret Santa

There’s nothing more fun than watching a co-worker open a gift and not knowing who it’s from. Now imagine if that gift was a TUSHY Classic Bamboo and a little peach pin!… Not all heroes ride a sled.


TUSHY products are the perfect gift for the hole-idays. There’s something for literally everyone, because as you know… everybody poops. Stop wiping, start washing with TUSHY.


Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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