Bidets vs Toilet Paper: 5 Reasons Why Bidets Take the Crown

Morgan Moran | 05 Jun, 2024

Bidets vs Toilet Paper: 5 Reasons Why Bidets Take the Crown

Learn the impact of washing vs wiping and why bidets are the superior solution.

Bidets vs Toilet Paper: 5 Reasons Why Bidets Take the Crown

05 Jun, 2024



The only benefit of wiping? It’s familiar. We grew up with TP streaming out of our butts. But we know better now. It is scientifically impossible to wipe our butts clean. It also contributes to deforestation while costing each of us over $11K (!!!) in lifetime toilet paper costs.

In the Bidet vs Toilet Paper showdown, bidets win in every category. Hygiene. Skincare. Financial well-being. Sustainability. And being a damn courteous lover. Keep reading to learn the benefits of using a bidet.


Bidets are cheaper than toilet paper

1. Bidets are Cheaper Than Toilet Paper

Some quick toilet paper vs bidet math: 

  • The average American spends over $180 each year on TP. 
  • For a family of four prolific poopers, that can add up to more than $500!
  • Modern bidet attachments typically cost less than $100 and reduce your TP use by as much as 80%. 

Bidets are a one-time purchase with a lifelong impact. In just a few months, your bidet will pay for itself. Kinda debunks the whole “bidets are just for rich assholes” myth.

bidets are more environmentally friendly than toilet paper

2. Bidets Are More Environmentally Friendly Than Toilet Paper

Hate to break it to you, but there’s an entire ecosystem getting shoved into your buttcrack and down your pipes. 

Here’s the impact of bidet vs toilet for the environment

  • Trees: The average American flushes around 57 pounds of toilet paper every single year. And it’s been estimated that it would take about 384 trees to wipe the ass of one pooper for life. If every US household removed just one roll of virgin fiber toilet paper from their routine, 423,900 trees would be saved! Imagine the impact of going TP-free with a bidet. 
  • Water: It takes 140 liters of water to create just one roll of toilet paper. Compare that to just 1 liter used when properly washing yourself with a bidet. You’d have to flush your toilet and wash with a bidet 296 times to reach the same carbon footprint it takes to create one roll of TP!
    Forever Chemicals: Flushing toilet paper dumps PFAs in our natural waterways––and TP is one of the biggest offenders. More of a wet wipe person? Even “flushable” wipes can take 500 years to break down while contributing to over $1B in sewer issues every year. Bidets use fresh, clean water without messing with the planet or your pipes.
bidet clean better than toilet paper

3. Bidets Are Cleaner Than Toilet Paper

Even if you wipe like Martha Stewart, you are still missing a shit ton of residue. One study found that wiping can leave 40,000 different bacteria behind!

Bidet vs toilet paper, which is cleaner?

  • Bidets are cleaner than toilet paper because they wash bacteria away vs smearing it around––removing 99% of poo particles. 
  • Bidets use fresh, clean water from the plumbing in your wall instead of dry, scratchy paper that leaves pieces behind. 

Bidets help people with mobility issues clean their booties independently and 2x better than wiping.

bidet prevent the spread of bacteria

4. Bidets Are More Hygienic Than Toilet Paper

Shocker: Bidets are more sanitary than wiping. All that bacteria and friction from furious wiping can cause some uncomfortable realities between the cheeks.

Bidet vs toilet paper hygiene: 

  • Bidets reduce risk of infection, soothe hemorrhoids, prevent bleeding, and eliminate the need to touch your poopy butt.
  • Wiping with toilet paper can cause irritation and UTIs. TP also transmits bacteria to your hands when you wipe, which can thrive for up to 7 days!

bidets are gentler on your skin

5. Bidets Are Gentler on Your Skin

The physics of washing with a bidet are WAY more precise yet 3x gentler than wiping.

Toilet paper vs bidet skincare:

  • Wiping with TP can take forever. You wipe and wipe until you don’t see brown, which can take a while depending on the health of your poop.
  • Bidets have adjustable pressure, temperature, and angle to spray through the thickest butt hair while soothing your butthole skin.  If you’re dealing with incontinence or IBS, frequent soapy showers can dry out your butt skin. 
  • Wet wipes irritate your booty even more, stripping away the natural oils and even creating small tears called anal fissures. 
  • After just a few seconds of using your bidet, you will feel cleaner than BEFORE you pooped without chapping your ass. 

For the ultimate booty bliss, treat your ass to a bidet toilet seat that features instantly warm water, front and bum wash, and a built-in bum dryer. 

Bidets vs Toilet Paper: The Final Verdict

Are bidets better than toilet paper?

  • Bidets save you money and pay for themselves in under a year. 
  • Washing your butt reduces risk of infection while removing 99% of poo particles. 
  • Bidet life saves trees and water without dumping chemicals on the planet. 
  • No more wiping til you bleed! Bidets are gentle on your body’s most delicate skin. 
  • No more running out of paper and wandering around the house pudding-assed.

One last benefit of using bidet attachments––they attach to your existing toilet in under 8.5 minutes with NO electricity or extra plumbing required.

Learn more about what a bidet is as well as the pros and cons of electric vs non electric bidets as you begin your healthy pooping journey!

bidets versus toilet paper

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to use toilet paper with a bidet?

While some bidet users go 100% TP-free, others like to pat dry with a square or two of toilet paper. Switching to regenerative bamboo toilet paper to dry off reduces your eco buttprint even more!

Can bidets help with hemorrhoids?

Only lifestyle changes can prevent hemorrhoids (which are caused from excessive straining on the toilet), but bidets prevent them from getting worse. Furious wiping can cause more swelling and bleeding. 

Do bidets use a lot of water?

Bidets actually SAVE water. It takes just 1 liter of water to properly wash with a bidet vs 140 liters of water to create one roll of toilet paper. You’d have to flush your toilet and wash with a bidet 296 times to reach the same carbon footprint it takes to create one roll of TP!

Can using a bidet save money in the long run?

Using a bidet reduces your toilet paper use by about 80%––or even 100% if you pat dry with a reusable towel. You’ll also save money on costly wet wipes that just dry your ass out. This means your bidet will pay for itself (and keep money in your pocket) after just a few months of use.


Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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