How to Use a Portable Bidet

Morgan Moran | 08 Jul, 2024

How to Use a Portable Bidet

Learn how to use a travel bidet for a fresh feeling on-the-go.

How to Use a Portable Bidet

08 Jul, 2024

We all have to make peace with pooping away from home. But we NEVER have to accept feeling unclean.

Knowing how to use a portable bidet is a total butt-saver when traveling, camping, using a sketchy public bathroom, or healing from birthing a melon-headed human.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to use a portable bidet to stay shower-fresh when pooping on-the-go!

What is a Portable (Travel) Bidet?

A portable or travel bidet is a refillable, handheld water reservoir that washes your bum after you poop. It can be manually-squeezed, button-controlled, or battery-operated. Travel bidets come in standard and collapsible models, with a spouted top for easy and precise cleaning.

Discreetly designed travel bidets tuck into your bag or a water-resistant pouch. So when you take it to the bathroom, nothing screams BUMHOLE INTERVENTION. No one has to know what’s going on. Although you’ll probably want to tell everyone.

How to Use a Portable Bidet On-The-Go?

Intimidated about using a portable bidet? Master it at home first! You’ll feel comfortable and unrushed behind a locked door you trust. 

Here are 4 easy steps to learn how to use a portable bidet.

Step 1. Fill the reservoir.  
Before taking your bidet into the stall, fill it with cool or warm water from the bathroom tap. If you have a collapsible bidet, extend it before filling.
Step 2. Squeeze one out.
After successfully pooping, extend the nozzle and hold the bottle behind your butthole. This will take some practice as you learn your angles. Release the targeted stream of fresh water for a more thorough yet less irritating clean than wiping.
Step 3. Dry your bum.
Pat dry with a few squares of TP and flush. You can also jiggle-dry or pack some reusable bidet towels for a waste-free toilet visit. We admire the commitment!

Step 4. Dry your bidet.
While the water inside your handheld bidet is clean, it is not sterile. So it’s always a good idea to rinse the reservoir and allow the bidet to fully dry with the cap off between uses.

Why Use a Portable Bidet?

The benefits of a bidet impact so many aspects of your well-being. Portable bidets allow you to enjoy all that self-care wherever you go.

No more itchy stank butt.

Using a bidet dramatically improves your personal hygiene. Washing with clean water removes 99% of the poo particles that toilet paper just smears around. Smell, discomfort, and skidmarks aside, wiping with toilet paper can lead to UTIs, yeast infections, and painful anal tears called anal fissures. 

No more wiping yourself raw.

Your butt skin is as delicate as your mouth skin. Cleaning yourself with fresh water prevents irritation and protects your skin barrier. WITHOUT the harsh chemicals found in wet wipes. Portable bidets are also fantastic for postpartum mothers braving every poop with a sensitive bottom.

No more shitting on the planet.

Bidet converts reduce their toilet paper usage by as much as 80%! Not only does this save trees, but also thousands of gallons of water every year that would otherwise be used to make TP for just your butt. Whoa. 

Less public bathroom anxiety.

Travel poops are unpredictable. Public bathrooms are unreliable. When you’re armed with a refillable, portable bidet, you can doo your worst while feeling your absolute cleanest anywhere in the world.


Meet Your New Travel Buddy

Here’s why trailblazers, new Moms, and New Yorkers ISO a place to poop love TUSHY Travel.

A covert butt shower. The fun colors, compact design, and mesh case look more like hiker hydration tech than a booty blaster.

Smuggle it anywhere. Discreetly carry the collapsible bottle in a small bag
or cargo pocket. You can also clip it loud and proud to your backpack when hiking.

Easy to squeeze. No batteries required. The TURD-nomic grip makes the TUSHY Travel easy to hold and operate, even when wet.

Strong stream and spray pattern. The hinged nozzle and 3-point spout make manually spraying your butt wildly effective. 

Airmesh carrying case. Improve the drying time of your bidet after use with this breathable case.

100% dishwasher safe. Need we say more?


Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the different types of travel bidets?

There are three different types of portable travel bidets:
1. Bottle cap––a long spout attached to a cap (bottle not included).
2. Handheld––a flexible, spouted bottle that you manually squeeze.
3. Battery-operated––a travel bidet that does the work for you (no squeezing but makes noise). 

How warm can I make the water in my travel bidet?

The water should feel warm but not uncomfortable when tested on your forearm. Remember that your hands can tolerate more intense temperatures, and that your buttskin is extremely delicate. Avoid hot-to-the-touch water and never use water from a heated kettle.

Are travel bidets discreet?

Yes! Travel bidets with a collapsible design easily tuck into your handbag, pack, or cargo pocket when not in use. The TUSHY Travel comes with a breathable mesh bag for stealth storage and fast drying. 

How much water do I need to fill the travel bidet?

Water capacity varies model to model, but it should be enough to thoroughly clean your bum after 1 poop without needing to refill. The TUSHY Travel holds up to 11 oz of water. 

How should I clean my portable bidet?

You can clean TUSHY Travel like any other dishwasher-safe item. Wash it by hand, let it soak in the sink, or throw it in the dishwasher. We recommend emptying and allowing your Travel to dry between uses. Not leaving water inside after using helps prevent molding.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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