Bamboo Bum Towels

2020 - Tushy Towels Mint - 100% bamboo bidet towels 2020 - Tushy Towels Mint - 100% bamboo bidet towels Featured - Tushy Towels Mint - 100% bamboo bidet towels
2020 - Tushy Towels Natural - 100% bamboo bidet towels 2020 - Tushy Towels Natural - 100% bamboo bidet towels Featured - Tushy Towels Natural - 100% bamboo bidet towels

Bamboo Bum Towels

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Bamboo Bum Towels

Product Details and Features

After cleaning your avant-garde butt with TUSHY, pioneer better pooping with an eco-friendly, naturally anti-bacterial, and super absorbent towel. These bamboo butt towels are perfect for anyone that’s ready to completely go TP free.

  • 5-pack of naturally anti-bacterial, unbleached towels
  • 100% super soft bamboo fiber awesomeness
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm | Weight: 32g each
  • Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low.

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100% Sustainable

Switching to bamboo exponentially re-deuces your carbon footprint.

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100% Faster

Our bamboo grows up to 39 inches in a day.

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100% Safer

Free of bleach and cancer-causing BPAs.

Pandas laying on top of bamboo towels. Bambo plant.

Yes, bamboo towels are as soft as a baby panda’s bottom.

Our bamboo towels are made of 100% bamboo micro fibers. Imagine a panda hugging your butt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dry off after using a bidet?

After spraying your butt clean with TUSHY, you can pat dry with our Bamboo Bum Towels. All it takes is a pat dry - remember, you’re washing, not wiping. So think of it like a mini shower for your butt and drying off bum after than mini-shower.

Why should I use a bamboo bidet towel?

Reduce that carbon butt-print even more! Eliminate waste and your need for toilet paper. Bamboo bidet towels are a great alternative to toilet paper as a dryer. They’re also a lot softer and less abrasive than toilet paper. It feels like a Panda giving you a nice pat on the booty.

Are bamboo bidet towels antibacterial?

Yes! Bamboo is naturally antibacterial. Bamboo fibers are not only antibacterial, but they’re also antifungal and odor resistant.

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We are obsessed with keeping your butt clean and happy and we know our products can do that. That’s why we use TUSHY in our own lives! If your TUSHY experience is less than perfect, we’ll fix that sh*t… by any means necessary. Just reach out to our Customer Support Poo-rus. Don’t worry, we have your backside.

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