10 Benefits of Using a Bidet

Morgan Moran | 20 Oct, 2023

10 Benefits of Using a Bidet

Spraying that booty with a bidet every day has more benefits than you might think! 

10 Benefits of Using a Bidet

20 Oct, 2023


Doctors mean well when they tell us to make healthier lifestyle choices. But it’s always like, cool, with what time? And how much pleasure am I giving up? Many of us have tried every app, cleanse, and mindfulness journal out there to attain our higher self.

Our advice? Aim lower. As in, below the belt. 

Washing your butt with a bidet is the ONLY lifestyle change that improves every dimension of your wellness overnight. From your financial well-being and sexual confidence to your mental and physical health. It’s the instant win we pooping humans need to open ourselves up to a lifetime of positive rituals. Now let’s talk bidet benefits!

1. Bidets Are Good For The Planet

Are you sitting down? 15% of deforestation is due to Big Toilet Paper production. We are literally flushing nearly 10 million trees every year! Thankfully, bidet users report using up to 75% less toilet paper than the average wiper. And those who dry off with ultra-sustainable bamboo paper use 100% less!

More environmental bidet benefits:

  • You would have to flush your toilet and wash with a bidet 296 times to reach the same carbon footprint it takes to create one roll of toilet paper.
  • It takes 1 liter of water to properly wash with a TUSHY bidet vs 140 liters of water to create one roll of toilet paper. Using a bidet instead of wiping actually saves water!

2. Bidets Get You Cleaner Than Toilet Paper

If we pooped out of a more visible part of our body, we would absolutely use water to clean ourselves. And for good reason! Washing with a bidet is very sanitary and cleanses your butt two times better than wiping with dry, scratchy toilet paper.

Toilet paper smears and leaves pieces behind. And you sit in that mess all. day. You’re also way more likely to break through the two-ply while wiping, which spreads poo particles to your hands and everything you touch. Cleaning your bum with a precise stream of bidet water keeps the entire process hands (and streak) free.

3. Bidets Are Good For Your Entire Downstairs

A poop-free bum is the goal, but bidet benefits don’t end there! Buttcheeks sweat. Vaginas bleed. Sex is messy. Bidets wash away all the human sticky-icky to restore our bottoms to their factory settings.

Washing with clean, pH neutral water vs wiping also prevents bacteria from spreading where it doesn’t belong. Bidet users report having fewer UTIs, yeast infections, and conditions associated with endless wiping––like skin irritation, hemorrhoids, and anal fissures. 

4. Bidets Are Cost-Efficient 

While Americans only account for ~4% of the global population, we use 20% of the world’s toilet paper! This adds up to a lifetime toilet paper spend of over $11,000 for the average pooper.

Just to be clear: We are paying for a half-assed clean with money and trees simply because it’s what we know. Wiping also increases our risk of developing infections like UTIs, which add pharmacy costs to the mix. Unlearn that crap and buy a bidet, which will pay for itself in less than a year. 

5. Bidets Are Easy On ALL Bodies

Twisting to grab toilet paper and reaching to clean your bottom is a chronic pain for people with mobility issues, arthritis, or a recent surgery, such as a C-section. Bidets eliminate these pain points with easy to reach control panels and remote controls.

Other physical realities that benefit from the soothing cleanse of a bidet: sensitive postpartum bottoms, those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Crohn's, and people with heavy periods from endometriosis.

6. Bidets Make The Bedroom Muy Caliente

Bidets ensure our front and back doors are ready for company. A quick blast before the smash gives an extra burst of confidence that you’re clean as a whistle, while also helping with post-coit cleanup to reduce your risk of infections such as UTIs. 

Your sparkling parts might even put you in an experimental mood! Just be sure to always communicate openly with your partner and use infinite lube.

7. Bidets Are Gentle On Your Peach Skin 

Furiously wiping with toilet paper can cause chafe and allergic reactions. In extreme situations, TP can even micro tear your butthole, resulting in painful anal fissures. 10/10 do not recommend.

Cleaning your bum with a bidet is kind to even the most sensitive cheeks. Plus you avoid the unnecessary chemicals of Big Toilet Paper, like bleach and cancer-causing BPA.  

8. Bidets Eliminate Plumbing Issues

Not a sexy bidet benefit, but an important one! When you wash with a bidet and cut as much as 75% of your toilet paper use, you’ll experience essentially zero clogs unless you produce a sizable King Cobra BM.

Bidets also eliminate the need to use wet wipes, which turn into giant blobs of floating fat garbage known as fatbergs when flushed into our fragile sewers. Wet wipes also release harmful microplastics and chemicals into our waters. Even “flushable” wet wipes contain sketchy contaminants that are harmful to our sewer systems, waterways, and butt health.

9. Bidets Normalize Daily Self-Care

Few people can realistically set aside time to meditate or perform breathing exercises every day. But everybody poops, which means anyone can elevate their pooping game.

Turning your #2 time into a soothing, healing ritual gives you the highest quality alone time possible while lessening the bathroom anxiety associated with chronic gut issues. Bonus: Pooping releases endorphins! So you’re adding a peak end experience to an existing small pleasure.

10. Bidets Break the Cycle for Next Gen Poopers

Have you SEEN how much toilet paper kids use? Installing a household bidet gives you the opportunity to “re-potty-train” the entire family.

Breaking the TP habit at a young age helps the next generation put their best butt forward. Bidets are also a visual cue to talk about “taboo” things like poop, periods, and sexual health. 

Bidet Life is the Good Life

Bidets improve quality of life on personal, relational, and global levels. Loving yourself, your people, and your planet can be as easy as spraying your butt after you poop. Upgrade your entire bathroom experience with serious buttcare accessible to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it healthier to use a bidet vs. toilet paper?

100%. Washing your bum with a bidet cleans you two times better than wiping with toilet paper. You’re also way less likely to develop a down-there infection like a UTI because you’re washing away bacteria vs spreading it around.

Is there a downside to using a bidet?

The only real downside is how bidet-dependent you’ll become. Washing your butt with fresh, soothing water every day, multiple times a day, means you will hate pooping anywhere that isn’t your home. (Trust us, you’re going to want a TUSHY Travel.)

Also: if you hose your ass at full blast for 20 minutes straight, you could mess with your natural butt (and vagina) bacteria and increase risk of infection. So avoid extended pressure washing and you’re golden. 

Do bidets help with colon health?

While a bidet is designed to clean your external parts, it can support the symptoms associated with colorectal conditions. If you have a routinely inflamed gut/diarrhea or have to wear pads due to incontinence, bidets can bring comfort and dignity to an otherwise stressful situation. 

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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