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TUSHY Ottoman Offer

TUSHY Ottoman

You're cleaning the right way, you should poop the right way!


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TUSHY Travel

TUSHY Travel

Completely portable and simple to use. You don’t have to worry about batteries dying or forgetting to charge it. Just fill it up, GO and Spray!


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TUSHY is donating 5% of regularly-
priced bidet sales throughout May!

25 Easy Replacements for a Zero Waste Bathroom

23 Sep, 2021

25 Easy Replacements for a Zero Waste Bathroom

When it comes to recycling, the items we use in our bathrooms are often overlooked. It is already a human waste room (for lack of better words), so if you want to reduce other waste as much as possible, you can start there!

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Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Options

14 May, 2020

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Options

If you are looking to make the switch to recycled eco-friendly tp, let us help! We are going to break down the pros and cons of eco-friendly toilet paper so you can make a well-informed decision for your transition.

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