The Best Bidet Attachment for Every Budget

Corin Wells | 24 Feb, 2021

The Best Bidet Attachment for Every Budget

Looking for a bidet attachment but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered...

The Best Bidet Attachment for Every Budget

24 Feb, 2021

By this point, if you don’t know what a bidet is, you’ve been living under a rock. Since the Toilet paper-magedon of 2020, Americans have become more interested and open to the novel idea of cleaning their butt with water. Welcome to the 21st century, y’all. Now that more and more people are trying bidets, more and more people are discovering the benefits of using them. Bidet benefits include but are not limited to: 

  • Better personal hygiene and cleaning. Bidets offer cleansing, soothing water wash, which leaves you clean and shower-fresh all day long. Something that toilet paper fails to do.
  • Greatly reduce your carbon buttprint by reducing your waste. Americans make, move, and use 34 million rolls of toilet paper… every day. The problem is not just the 54 million trees cut each year to keep up with demand, but also the enormous amounts of water, chemicals, and energy used in the destructive production process of toilet paper. DOWN WITH BIG TOILET PAPER!
  • Save money. When you switch to a bidet, you reduce your toilet paper usage by 80%. After about 2 months, a bidet will pay for itself. 
  • Better butt skincare and more comfortable to use. Dry toilet paper can irritate your skin and perpetuate ailments like anal fissures and hemorrhoids. 
  • Reduce plumbing problems and prevent clogs. 

You’re probably considering purchasing a bidet yourself but you may be overwhelmed by all of the types and options out there. We can help you figure out what the best bidet is for your budget. 

What’s the Difference Between a Bidet and a Bidet Attachment?


So… What exactly IS a bidet? A bidet is a bowl designed to be sat on to wash your butt and genitals. The modern variety includes a plumbed-in water supply and a drainage opening and is a type of plumbing fixture. In several European countries, a bidet is required by law to be present in every bathroom containing a toilet bowl. It was originally located in the bedroom, near the chamber-pot and the marital bed, but in modern times is located near the toilet bowl in the bathroom. 

Bidet Attachment

Now, the majority of us don’t have a completely separate fixture in our bathrooms. Nor do we have the time and money to have a full bathroom renovation to accommodate a bidet fixture. Luckily, that’s where bidet attachments come in! Yes! Some bidets are attachable to toilet bowls, saving space and without the need to plumb in an additional unit. There are several varieties when it comes to attachable bidets to choose from and they all vary in price as well, so let’s break down what to look for in your new bidet. 

What to Look For In a Bidet attachment

Much like any life-changing purchase, research is required to make sure you are picking the right bidet attachment for you. And before you do that, you have to know what it is you’re looking for. There are a lot of options out there that can offer too little… and quite frankly, way too much. So what do we want in a bidet?

Pressure and Angle Control

The first thing you want to make sure your bidet has is the option to control the pressure. All of us have different sensitivities and needs when it comes to cleaning our bottoms. Also, our needs may change depending on the type of “damage” we’ve done to the toilet. That is why a pressure control is super important so you can set it to what you are comfortable with. 

Just as important is the angle control. No two buttholes are alike and your positioning may be different so an angle adjuster allows you to find the correct spot for you to get a proper and precise clean after every poop. 

Electric vs Non-Electric

On your search for the perfect bidet, you may come across electronic bidets otherwise known as bidet seats. With a lot more bells and whistles, these bidet seats also come with a hefty price tag. Some of them even cost up to thousands of dollars. If you have the funds, certainly go ahead and splurge on a bidet seat. They obviously will get the job done, however, they do require electricity which is not always readily available in a bathroom. Electric bidets power the jet stream. With non-electric bidet attachments, they use just the pressure from your wall valve to provide a sufficient spray. Though bidet seats can be appealing and seem fancy, the cost

of an electric vs non-electric bidet may not be worth it when a non-electric bidet attachment can provide the same effective clean.

Self Cleaning Nozzle

A self-cleaning nozzle is a MUST have for a bidet. Like most things in your bathroom, your bidet can get a little schmutz on it so you want the option for it to be able to rinse itself off to keep it clean. It is a different mode that the bidet redirects the water and runs it down into the toilet to rinse the nozzle.

Ease of Installation

You’re not a plumber… unless you are. But if you’re not, you don’t want to have to hire one to install your bidet. You also don’t want to purchase something where the installation seems so tedious that you push it off for months. You want to use your bidet right away, so easy installation is something to look out for. Find a bidet where the hook-up takes less than 10 minutes so that you can spend more time enjoying your bidet than installing it. 

Best Budget-Friendly Bidet Attachment: TUSHY Classic 3.0

Lucky for you, we have a bidet that checks all of those boxes for you. The TUSHY Classic 3.0 is the modern bidet that attaches to any standard toilet with ease. It has adjustable pressure and angles that allow you to get the precise clean you need and it’s also super affordable. At only $99, the TUSHY Classic 3.0 provides you with luxury and an affordable price. 


  • Pressure Control. Crank the wash-up or down depending on the business you just handled.
  • Angle Adjuster: Use the toggle to choose between feminine and posterior wash.
  • Simple Installation. This unit only takes about 10 minutes to install.
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle. The nozzle is fully self-cleaning.
  • Sleek one of a kind design. 
  • Affordable.


  • Does not allow for temperature controls. 

Best For:

  • College Students with their first apartment
  • Renters in the city
  • First-time bidet users
  • New couples 
  • Guest Bathrooms

Best Premium Bidet Attachment: TUSHY Spa 3.0

The TUSHY Spa 3.0 is virtually identical to the TUSHY Classic 3.0. It has all of the same great features, however with one huge plus. You can control the temperature. With the warm water hookup, you can adjust how hot or cold the water is that sprays your bum. If that isn’t high-rolling, I don’t know what is. But, like the TUSHY Classic 3.0, the TUSHY Spa 3.0 is extremely affordable and starts at $119. 


  • Adjustable Warm Water. Adjust the water to your liking, so you won’t ever have to suffer a chilly surprise on a cold morning again.
  • Pressure Control. Increase or decrease the pressure of your stream based on your needs
  • Angle Adjuster: Adjust the angle for a precise clean
  • Simple Installation. This unit only takes about twenty minutes to install,
    thanks to the included (and high-quality) polished brass parts and universal
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle. The nozzle is fully self-cleaning.
  • Long 9 ft. Warm Water Hose. 


  • You must have access to your sink's hot water tap. 

Best For: 

  • Family homes
  • Master bathrooms
  • Multi-bathroom households
  • Empty Nesters

Best Travel Bidet: TUSHY Travel

For those who love bidets, but poop on the go, TUSHY Travel is a great option for you in addition to a regular TUSHY bidet. Because once you go bidet you will never want to go back. 


  • Portable and hand-held
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Collapsible and Expandable to fit in any purse or backpack
  • Carrying case for discreet transport


  • Pressure relies on you.

Best For:

  • International travelers
  • Vacationers
  • Hikers and Campers
  • Everyone who poops outside of their own home.

How Bidets Help You Save Money (And the Environment) One Squirt At a Time

Americans use over 34 million rolls of toilet paper every day which wastes precious resources and damages the environment and ecosystems that rely on trees. Using a bidet can reduce your toilet paper consumption by 80% and as a result, you fight against the pulp industry which destroys 270,000 trees per day and wastes 37 gallons of water per toilet paper roll. 

Final Thoughts

You already know you want a bidet but picking the right one can be super intimidating. We hope we were able to narrow it down for you to go with the right choice. Buy a TUSHY and we guarantee you and your butt won’t regret it.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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