69 Euphemisms for Pooping: Your Guide to Funny Poop Puns

Corin Wells | 08 May, 2020

69 Euphemisms for Pooping: Your Guide to Funny Poop Puns

If you're embarrassed to say the word "poop", we have 69 other options for you!

69 Euphemisms for Pooping: Your Guide to Funny Poop Puns

08 May, 2020

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. The same can be said about poop… sort of. Mankind has come up with some very creative ways to refer to feces. Defecation. Poopy. And I guess we have to. Since there is so much embarrassment and stigma around poop, folks would rather use a euphemism, an indirect word, or expression substituted for one that might be too inappropriate or embarrassing for the moment.

Sometimes we want to maintain some level of social etiquette or decorum. I mean, if you’re at a dinner party you wouldn’t flat out say “I’m going to poop.” Right? I guess you wouldn’t make an announcement at all, but in the event that you did… here are some colorful, fun poop puns you can use as slang for poop. 

  1. Bake a loaf
  2. Barbarians at the gate
  3. Blow Mud
  4. Bomb the Bowl
  5. Build a dookie castle
  6. Chop a log
  7. Cook a butt burrito
  8. Crap
  9. Curl some pipe
  10. Debulk
  11. Defecate
  12. Do the Royal Squat
  13. Doo the doo
  14. Drop a deuce
  15. Drop a dookie
  16. Drop the kids off at the pool
  17. Dump a stump
  18. Fill the peanut butter jar
  19. Float a trout
  20. Grow a Tail
  21. Hit paydirt
  22. Launch a Butt Shuttle
  23. Launch a torpedo
  24. Lay a brick
  25. Lay a cable
  26. Make a deposit at the porcelain bank
  27. Log an entry
  28. Make room for lunch
  29. Offload some freight
  30. Pack your underwear
  31. Paint the bowl 
  32. Park some bark
  33. Pinch a loaf
  34. Plant some corn
  35. Poke the turtle's head out
  36. Prairie Dogging
  37. Punish the porcelain
  38. Recycle fiber
  39. Release your payload
  40. Seek revenge for the Brown Bomber
  41. Sink the Bismark
  42. Sit on the throne
  43. Squeeze the cheese
  44. Take the Browns to the Superbowl
  45. Busting a grumpy
  46. Cuttin' rope
  47. Make an offering to the porcelain throne
  48. Building a log cabin
  49. Make like Snoop and 'Drop it like it's hot'
  50. Use the big, white telephone
  51. Unloose the caboose
  52. I've got to see a man about a horse
  53. Murder a brown snake
  54. Download some software
  55. Churn the dookie butter
  56. Drop some potatoes in the crock pot
  57. Craft a fudge pop
  58. Deploying the USS Brownfish
  59. Releasing the Kraken
  60. Getting something down on paper
  61. Slop some bum slugs
  62. A brown dog scratching at the back door
  63. Liberate the brown trout
  64. Let the turtles loose
  65. Make underwater sculptures
  66. Glassing the surface
  67. Unload some timber
  68. Plant a tree

Whatever you call it, make sure you’re washing with TUSHY's classic affordable bidet! Especially if it’s as intense as some of these sound.

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