Pruritus Ani: Why Your Butthole Itches

Corin Wells | 04 Feb, 2021

Pruritus Ani: Why Your Butthole Itches

Itchy assholes are pretty common, but not pretty for public view. Pruritus ani is the...

Pruritus Ani: Why Your Butthole Itches

04 Feb, 2021

Man itchy his butthole through his jeans

We all know the feeling. Itchy a-hole. AKA “Pruritus Ani” if you’re fancy and/or speaking Latin.

Yes, dreaded anal itching is a common affliction with a variety of causes. If you’re scratching, stinging and straight-up tingling to learn more about why your b-hole is itchy (and how to make it stop), you must read on:

What is Pruritus Ani (Anal Itching)?

Pruritus Ani is the technical term for itchy anus. It sounds a little like Pruritus Annus, or itchy year, which would definitely describe 2020, a year that made us want to crawl out of our own skin. But this article is about Ani, your very itchy b-hole. 

Pruritus Ani is actually a symptom, not an illness in itself. When your ass is begging for a scratch, it can feel like the cause doesn’t matter. You just want relief! But knowing what type of itch you’re experiencing is step one in alleviating the symptoms. Towards that end, here are the common types of Pruritus Ani:

Two Types of Anal Itch:

Primary (Idiopathic) Pruritus Ani

The primary type of itchy butthole is caused by skin irritation. This is the most common type of pruritus ani, where the itchy butt is sort of caused by external factors (think Irish Spring on your rear kisser).

Secondary Pruritus Ani

This is where your itchy b-hole is a symptom of another disease (think anal yeast infection, contact dermatitis or other b-hole bad daddies). 

Reasons For Your Next Level Itchy Butthole

There’s Something Irritating Your Bum

There’s a reason the butt hole looks like a winking eye. It’s sensitive! Just like the skin around your peepers, the skin around your pooper is very tender. If it would make your eyeball go red, it can probably make your pink go… extra pink. Between 50-90% of itchy b-holes are caused by poor b-hole treatment by the b-hole haver. To be specific, the bad ass behavior boils down to the following:

Poor Hygiene & Wiping

Pruritus Ani usually isn’t caused by poor hygiene. In fact, over-aggressive wiping or scrubbing with a cloth after a poo tend to irritate your gentle b hole more than not wiping enough. That said, remnant poo can also irritate the b-hole if you aren’t getting a good clean.

Consuming Irritating Food or Drinks

Caffeinated drinks (think coffee, tea, cola) and spicy or acidic foods (think tomatoes and lemons) have been linked to anal itching. The caffeine actually loosens your b-hole, which can cause … leakage. Meanwhile, acidic foods can lead to acidic poops that interfere with your happy starfish. 

Wearing Irritating Clothing

No brainer - if it irritates your nipples, it’s not going to be kind to your b-hole. Constricting or tight-fitting underwear is a no-go.

Too Much Moisture Down There

Don’t hotbox your butt. If it’s too sweaty, it’s going to create rubbing at best, and at worst a perfect environment for anal bacteria to go footloose.

Over-Washing Your Butt

You can also get elicit a sensitive skin reaction from perfumed powders, lotions, creams, ointments, or other products applied in the anal region. Your butt has natural protective oils, and when you over-clean, you remove the protective layer, it can make the skin dry and irritable.

You’ve Recently Had Diarrhea

You’ve probably been wiping extra to deal with the extra movements. But wiping too much can disturb the sensitive area around your back door’s black hole. Instead of over-wiping, you’ll want to make good use of your TUSHY warm water bidet attachment

There’s A Medical Issue Going On

If you’ve been treating your anus right and there’s still monster itch, you may have an underlying infection or undetected medical condition sitch. Here are a few possible causes of secondary Pruritus Ani:

Dermatological Conditions Like Eczema

If you have a dermatological condition that causes an itchy rash, it may be afflicting your most sensitive region. Skin issues like psoriasis, contact dermatitis (inflammation due to allergens or irritants) or atopic dermatitis (a chronic condition in patients with allergies) can cause nasty rash-ies in your nether region.

Hemorrhoids or Anal Fissures

Colorectal and anal disorders can also be to blame for your withering b-hole game. Rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, anal ulcers and fistulas (abnormal tube-like passages) are all associated with itchy ass. Remnant poo may also me difficult to clean with large hemorrhoids, which can exacerbate the itch. Cue TUSHY for an easy, gentle clean!

Anal Infections

Some types of bacterial infections or yeast infections can cause anal itching. Look out for staph and strep, candida (yeast). Some STIs can also cause itching. 

Parasites in the Gut

Parasites like pinworms (mainly for kiddos) or scabies can give you bad a-hole itch. 

How To Prevent Pruritus Ani

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Benadryl. Here are a few ways to treating your booty right and help stop anal itch before it starts:

Gentle, Thorough Cleaning

We’re not talking about raw-rubbing a wet washcloth on your sensitive bits. Gentle, consistent cleaning is the way to go. You don’t want to leave poo residue (resi-poo), but you also don’t want to strip the skin of its natural protective oils. A gentle wash is the way.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

If you’re chugging Cholula, your poos are going to be spicy. You know how your mouth burns after buffalo wings? That’s what you’re doing to your rear kisser when you inhale jalapeños. Same with super acidic foods. Meanwhile, diarrhea causes too-frequent wiping, so eating to stay regular is the way to go here.

Avoid Using Irritating, Scented Products Down There

Your starfish is sensitive. Using products with lots of additives and irritants is simply a no-go.

Reduce Moisture and Crappy Underwear

Let that booty breathe! A sweaty butt is a short cut to an itchy one. Don’t hotbox your undies. Do wear breathable layers that allow air to dissipate sweat before things get too swampy (and desirable for bacteria and yeast).

Practice Safe Sex 

Easiest way to deal with an STI is not getting one! Condoms prevent most STIs that cause anal itch. If you’re raw dogging, make sure you and your partner have been tested. 

Got the Anal Itch? Here’s What to Do

So we skipped prevention? Let’s go straight to treatment methods. If you’ve got a mad itch in your peach, here’s what to do:

Cleaning Thoroughly but Gently

Be consistent about cleaning your rosebud. A TUSHY bidet attachment is an amazing way to get squeaky clean without rubbing the rose raw. 

Use Non Medicated Talcum Powders to Reduce Moisture

Keeping the booty dry will tell bacteria and yeast to keep it moving. Talcum powder is Tom Brady’s go-to method for managing swamp ass. If it’s good enough for Mr. Super Bowl, it’s good enough for your super bowels ;)

Resist the Urge to Scratch

Scratching actually irritates the ass further. Do what you can to keep your mitts away from the angry itch area. Wear oven gloves if you have to! Just don’t use them in the kitchen later!

Apply Topical Remedies Like Hydrocortisone

When it comes to anti-itch, nothing beats hydrocortisone creams. These gentle treatment ointments will chill out your inflammation without any irritation. Think about a mosquito bite -- isn’t it better to treat it than to scratch it raw? Like, obviously yes. Over the counter creams are an easy addition to your medicine cabinet, and ideal for anal itch treatment.

When To See Your Doctor

If the itch won’t relent and you can’t figure out why, it’s best to visit a doctor. Treatment depends on the cause, so you want to be clear on the origin of your booty troubles. As soon as you know the reason, you can pursue treatment and prevention methods in full. 

Whether you visit an M.D. or not, it’s never a bad idea to add a TUSHY bidet attachment to your booty treatment routine!

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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