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TUSHY Travel

TUSHY Travel

Completely portable and simple to use - no batteries required.



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TUSHY Ottoman

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the problem with using only toilet paper anyway?

We all want to be hygienic down there. For far too long, the common routine after you poop is to wipe, wipe, and wipe some more with toilet paper. This frequent and repetitive motion can cause skin to break down and thin, which can lead to tearing and skin build up (ew!). Bringing a bidet into your routine would by-and-large eliminate these negative consequences. It's easy, it's fast, it's appropriately hygienic, environmentally sound, and really allows everyone to get that sense of complete and utter cleanliness.

Where does the water come from? Isn't it dirty toilet water?

No, it's not toilet water! TUSHY gets its water straight from the tap. You could totally drink from TUSHY, which would be weird, but hey, you do you!

Okay but(t) how do I dry off?

If your booty is too busy to air dry, you can pat dry with our reusable, ultra-comfy Bamboo Bum Towels, our super sustainable Bamboo TP, or with our single-sheet Bamboo Tissues that train you to use less. Endless wiping and chafing turns into just a few nice pats when you’re using TUSHY, cutting your TP use by as much as 80%. 

TUSHY Ace, our electric bidet seat, has an air dryer to dry that derrière should you want to treat your bottom to the ultimate luxury.

Is the TUSHY Classic water too cold?

The water is simply the temperature of your tap water. A cool spray of water right on your bum is actually really refreshing on your warm, post-poo bottom. Think of it like sipping a cool glass of water on a warm summer day. ;)

Does TUSHY spray warm water or cold water?

Potty plot twist! We offer the TUSHY Classic, TUSHY Spa and TUSHY Ace. The TUSHY Classic is our most popular and versatile bum wash. It is super easy to install and it just connects to your water supply and sends a stream of cool (or room temperature!) water right where the doo is done!

TUSHY Spa works the same way but has an additional hose that runs to your sink’s hot water connection to access warm water. A temperature control dial on the TUSHY console allows you to change the water temperature before you spray your bum! Therefore, TUSHY Spa works best if your sink is located near your toilet, so that you can run a hose from the sink's water supply valve to your TUSHY. The additional hose is provided in every TUSHY Spa box. It is 6 feet long and only 8 mm wide, so it can fit under the cabinet door or through a tiny hole in the side or back of your bathroom sink vanity.

TUSHY Ace is our luxurious electric bidet seat that provides warm water on-demand, but you can always cool it off if you prefer. It is super easy to install and it just connects to your water supply and sends a stream of water right where the doo is done! This seat is reliant upon electricity to heat the water, so be sure you have a 3-prong grounded outlet within 3 feet of your toilet.

How do I clean TUSHY? Doesn't the nozzle get gross?

You can/should clean TUSHY as frequently as you do your toilet with all-purpose cleaner by manually pulling down the nozzle. The nozzle itself is retractable and only comes out of its poo-free cocoon when in use. We have also added a fun little nozzle wash feature that cleans the nozzle by running water over the outside of the nozzle, no hands necessary!

What's the difference between the Classic and the Spa?

The simple answer: An extra hose and a hole lotta butt warmth.

TUSHY Classic is our most popular and versatile bum washer. It’s super easy to install, connecting to your water supply at the wall and sending a stream of cool (or room temp) water right where the doo is done.

TUSHY Spa works the same way with the addition of a second hose that runs to your sink’s hot water connection. A dial on the TUSHY console allows you to warm up the water temperature before you spray your bum. TUSHY Spa works best if your sink is located near your toilet and must be on the same side of the room for the hose to reach. The additional hose is included in every TUSHY Spa box, stretching 6 feet with a width of only 8 mm (so it can fit under the cabinet door or through a tiny hole in the side or back of your bathroom vanity).

How does the water get hooked up to the TUSHY?

It really is as easy as 1-2-3 before you number 2. Simply use the adapter provided in the box to connect the TUSHY to the water supply that fills your toilet tank. The included hose will connect the adapter to the TUSHY. There is no electrical hook-up, it's pressure based, all you need to do is turn the knob and water will come out like bum washin' magic! Takes 10 mins to install on standard toilets!

How does the water get hooked up to the TUSHY?

Is there a lefty TUSHY?

Not right now, but a left-handed TUSHY is definitely in our product pipeline. The good news: dialing TUSHY’s knobs is so easy, your hand can absolutely do the job. You can also check out TUSHY Travel which can be easily used with either hand!

If you're in the mood for a premium clean rely on the TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat that has a sleek, easy to use remote control that rests on it's own magnetic mounting dock that will affix to any smooth surface—left, right or upside down!

Does TUSHY 3.0 require electricity?

Nooo way! TUSHY 3.0 doesn’t use any electricity, so it’s even more environmentally friendly and accessible for everyone.

Both the Classic and Spa model do not require any electricity, not even a wall plug or battery. TUSHY Classic and Spa run entirely off the existing water pressure and temperature of your home, with TUSHY Spa using your bathroom sink’s hookups for warm water control too. TUSHY gives you the easiest install, the most eco-friendly use and the comfort of NOT needing to hire an electrician before having the best poop of your life.

If you did want an upgraded experience, you could opt for the more premium Ace Electric Bidet Seat, which requires a grounded 3-prong electrical outlet within 3 feet of your toilet.

Can I attach and remove TUSHY easily? What if I move?

Yep! Removal and reinstallation is simple and can be done easily in under 10 mins— just like initial installation. (Not bad when you consider we spend an average of 3 years of our lives sitting on a toilet).

Where does the warm water come from?

An excellent question, my young bathroom scholar. The warm water hose connects to your bathroom sink's hot water connection for TUSHY Spa. Therefore, the TUSHY Spa works best when your toilet is close to the sink, like within 9 feet or so.

If you opt for the Ace Electric Bidet Seat, you'll enjoy hot water on-demand, but this bidet does rely on electricity.

Where does the warm water come from?

Can TUSHY be installed on toilets outside of the U.S. and Canada?

Yes, TUSHY can be installed on standard toilets in most countries without a problem. You may need a different size adapter than the adapter suitable for American plumbing.

While we currently only ship to the U.S., Canada, and Australia, if you've already got a TUSHY and you need help installing it outside of those countries, please message us at and we will help you get the adapter you need!

How do I know if it will fit on my toilet?

TUSHY 3.0 fits on all standard two-piece toilets and MOST one-piece toilets.

Check out our Toilet Compatibility List to find out. We hope it’s a match!

The only toilets TUSHY generally does not fit are "French curve" toilets which are depicted below. French curve toilets have a tank with a curved front-face that either doesn’t leave room for the TUSHY, or prevents it from sitting flat on the toilet.

The main thing TUSHY 3.0 needs is space to sit flat beneath the toilet seat in front of the tank. Measure the distance between your toilet's bolt holes and the edge of the toilet bowl rim—if that distance is 3.3" or less, TUSHY will fit great! If the distance is larger, TUSHY won't be a great match, as the nozzle won't have room to move.

You should also be sure that you have easy access to the water supply hose behind your toilet, so you can run the water hose (included in the box!) to TUSHY.

If you are having trouble finding that connection or if the provided adapter doesn't fit, just shoot us a message at with a picture of your problem and we will be happy to help.

How do I know if it will fit on my toilet?

Does TUSHY fit elongated bowls?

Yes, TUSHY should fit just fine on both elongated and round bowls.

But my toilet doesn't provide easy access to the water supply. Can I still install TUSHY?

If you have a flushometer toilet (pictured below) or a wall-mounted toilet that doesn't provide easy access to a water supply connection, you can connect TUSHY to your sink's water supply instead! Pick up our Flushometer Installation Kit! This TUSHY hack will work if your sink is within 9 feet of your toilet. Any further, and you just need to pick up a longer tube. Please make sure to check that you have the correct adapter for the sink connection. US customers will need the 3/8” U.S. metal adapter, and EU customers will need the G3/8" European adapter. For other regions, please contact to confirm which adapter will work for you or if you have any questions!

But my toilet doesn't provide easy access to the water supply. Can I still install TUSHY?

I want to buy the TUSHY Spa but my sink's hot water takes forever to heat up?

Who doesn’t take a bit to warm up? ;-) If your sink’s water is slow to warm, we have a trick to preheat your TUSHY Spa.  

While you’re doing the deed, activate the TUSHY SmartWash setting. Turn the knob a tiny bit until you hear water running straight down into the toilet. This feature washes the outside of the nozzle AND flushes out the cool water supply in your water line (avoiding your b-hole until it’s nice and toasty). 

When you’re ready to bring the heat to your hams, turn the knob further to commence bum wash.

What are TUSHY 3.0's measurements?

You only need 11" from the centerline of your toilet in order for TUSHY to fit into any tight space. Check out the diagram with all of TUSHY's measurements below.

What are TUSHY 3.0's measurements?

Can I clean more than just my butt with TUSHY?

TUSHY is as much a vag spa as it is a butt blaster. It’s great for staying fresh during your period and for washing up before/after sex. Sup, spring flower?

Now you’re thinking, “Neat, is this bidet spraying poop water from my butt up into my lady garden?” Water is the most effective way to remove doody and even works to prevent UTIs—there’s a reason bidets are the preferred cleaning method worldwide. Compare it to what happens in the shower when you wash your backside. 

If you’re thinking, “Hmm, so this bidet is spraying water up onto my butt, so wouldn’t that poop water get in my vagina?”

Well, we have seen time and time again that this magical splash is an effective way to remove fecal matter and even prevent UTIs.

Our super smart doctor friend John Cluley, M.D. says that, “any trivial amount of bacteria the urethra is exposed to as a result of using a bidet is far outweighed by the improved hygiene you have by using the bidet in the first place” - AKA washing with water is the only way to shoo that poo. If in doubt, think of Amal Clooney in her Italian villa spraying her butthole. 

Learn more in our Support Center

How is it cleaner?

Here's the clean deal: If a bird pooped on you, would you wipe it off with dry paper? No silly! You'd wash it off. So, why would you treat your butt any different? Not to be cliché like a cheesy 90's infomercial but TUSHY removes allllll the fecal matter with a precise, concentrated stream of H₂O rather than a dry smearin' wipe with TP.

What exactly are the harmful effects of toilet paper?

That residoodoo toilet paper leaves behind can be an exponential excrement detriment. It can travel to your frontside and cause UTIs and yeast infections, and also creates an environment suitable for formation (not in a good way like Beyoncé) of hemorrhoids. Not to mention (but also to totally mention) toilet paper is sh*tty for mother nature. Millions of trees are cut down every year to make traditional TP which results in 15 percent of deforestation, and the remains of those poor trees are bleached with harmful chemicals that are released into the environment. TP TL;DR — Toilet paper is kinda evil.

Aren't wet wipes just as good as a bidet?

Nope! Yes, in the current wiping climate, wipes of all kinds are easy to use and overly accessible. Yet what the wipe manufacturers don't want you to know is that chronic use leads to significant skin breakdown and increased sensitivity, irritation, cracking and fissures which also can provoke an occurrence of anal condyloma (aka anal warts) in HPV positive individuals. Most people use these wipes, pull up their Calvins and move on to their next task, but the moisture that is left behind is a Petri dish for colonization of bacteria responsible for these outbreaks. Wipes also have an incredibly detrimental effect on both the environment and plumbing systems, giving you another reason to bidet your behind.

Are bidets good for... you know... butt stuff?

Our super smart doctor friend Evan Goldstein D.O. at Bespoke Surgical says that "Bidets are perfect for achieving overall cleanliness both pre-and post-intercourse. Efficiency and convenience is everything in our world and having a simple tool that can provide a thorough washing is vital. While douching techniques can be incorporated with the bidet, it's mostly used for external cleansing - perfect for preparing for appropriate oral play in the anal region. Post-intercourse, the bidet is the perfect tool for deep cleansing and hygiene, and flushing a potential deposit if need be!"

Where's my sh*t?

Your TUSHY order will ship usually within 1 business day, and then ideally take another 3 to 10 business days to reach you in the contiguous US, though we have seen major slowdowns with carriers as of late. If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or Australia it can take 3 to 4 weeks. Please note that we are unable to make changes to orders that have already been placed. 

You'll receive a confirmation email once you have placed your order, and a second email with tracking once your order ships. It may take a few days for tracking to show movement, depending on the carrier and delays they are experiencing. We are not responsible for any delays with carrier transit times.

**If an order has been marked "delivered" by the carrier, but you believe it to be lost or stolen, please reach out if it has not been received within 14 days of the ship date within the contiguous US and 21 days for other locales further afar. Any order marked as delivered by the carrier will not be eligible for a refund.

Need an update on your order? Chat us up for an immediate response by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner of the website.

Can you ship internationally?

We currently ship only to the U.S., Canada, and Australia. There is an additional shipping fee to send your TUSHY outside of the U.S. Simply add your shipping address at checkout and it will calculate your shipping charge automatically. You may be charged additional import fees that TUSHY is not responsible for.

Unfortunately we only ship our Bamboo TP and Tissues within the U.S.

What kind of box is TUSHY delivered in? Is the box discreet?

All of our products will arrive in sustainable branded TUSHY packaging. We bet you’ll be telling everyone you know about TUSHY once you experience booty bliss, but if you’re a shy pooper or don’t want to spoil a surprise, please doo keep this in mind.

While it says TUSHY on the box, we do not include an invoice or a receipt with any price details in the box, so you can send TUSHY as a gift and not feel tacky!

Do you offer gift messaging or gift wrapping?

We don't yet offer gift wrapping or gift messaging, so if you are sending a gift to someone be sure to give them a heads up that a life changing delivery is heading their way! And be sure to mention that our Poo-Ru support team can guide them through any facet of bidet use—from installation to enjoyment!

Can I send one order to multiple addresses?

Ordering a butt ton of bidets for your favorite poopers? TUSHY is the gift that keeps on giving, so good on ya! Each TUSHY order can only ship to one mailing address. If you are sending to multiple recipients please check out separately for each unique address, as we are unable to split up orders between multiple addresses.

Your TUSHY comes in a box that is easy to ship if you do decide to send one to a friend yourself!

What's your return policy?

If you’ve had a change of fart, you can return your undamaged TUSHY bidet within 60 days of your initial order date. 

Pre-authorization for all returns must be obtained from TUSHY. If a return is sent without prior authorization, it will not be refunded or credited. So be sure to use our returns portal to get that authorization!

To initiate a return please use our self-service returns portal here.

Note on Refunds: Refunds include only the cost of the product; we do not refund shipping fees or customs fees you may have paid on your original purchase. If you are returning your product before opening the box, please do not open the box or break the security seal before returning it. Receiving a sealed box will significantly speed-up your refund once the box is received at our returns facility. 10% will be deducted from your refund to cover shipping and restocking costs.

TUSHY Limited Warranty: Our bidets come with a 12-month guarantee on equipment and parts. We will promptly replace any defective parts, free of charge, within the specified warranty period.

Return Exceptions: Sale items, deeply discounted Bundles (Eco Bundle, ASS-ential Bundle, The System), TUSHY Brush, TUSHY Stand, Coconut Husk Scrubbing Pads, bamboo drying products, towel products, t-shirts (and other TUSHY merch items), spare parts are not eligible for returns. All orders outside of the contiguous U.S. and Canada are not eligible for returns.

How do I request a return?

While we do(o) our best to make sure every TUSHY customer is 100% satisfied, we know that sometimes it might not work out. We're always here to help, and we've always got your back, but if you decide you need to return...

Click this link to go to our self-service returns poo-rtal

I have hard metal pipes, what do I do?

Bathroom fixtures usually connect to water supply valves with flexible steel hoses. Got a hard pipe instead? We’ve got ya covered.

Replace the pipe between your toilet and water supply with the Stainless Steel Braided Hose for Toilet Connection before installing TUSHY. We show you how to do that right here.

For TUSHY Spa owners: Replace the pipe between the warm water supply and your sink faucet, with the Stainless Steel Braided Hose for Sink Connection before installing TUSHY.

Watch a tutorial video in our Support Center

The nozzle isn't moving, help?!

The nozzle may simply need a little room to do its thing. Make sure that there is sufficient space between the nozzle and the rim of the bowl, and if not slide TUSHY forward on the bowl. Once there is some space, the nozzle should be able to swing up and back no problem. If the placement of your toilet seat's screws doesn't allow for extra room, we've got you covered!

Watch a tutorial video in our Support Center

Oh no, I didn't realize you can't hook up the TUSHY Spa warm water connection without the sink close to the toilet. What do I do?

No biggie. You can keep the TUSHY Spa and only use the cool water connection without a problem, we provide a cap in the TUSHY box that allows the bidet to function as a TUSHY Classic. If you no longer have that, you can grab one here.

Watch a tutorial video in our Support Center

The water used to spray my bum and is now spraying straight down from my nozzle no matter what I do, what gives?

First be sure you are turning the knob towards "Bum Wash", and not "Nozzle Wash", which is just a stream of water that cleans the outside of the nozzle and then flows down into the bowl. If you're on "Bum Wash" and it's just spraying down, it sounds like you lost your nozzle cap. You should have an extra one in your spare parts kit in the TUSHY box. If you no longer have that you can grab one here.

Watch a tutorial video in our Support Center

My toilet seat is raising, and not in a raise-the-roof typa way. What can I do?

Generally, the seat flaring up is due to a seats concave shape getting caught on the TUSHY. Please first make sure that the seat is all the way forward and the TUSHY is all the way back which might solve that issue if it exists.

You could use a lil spacer that is something like this.

It would lift the angle of the seat ever so slightly so that pesky hinge doesn't get in the way. They are super cheap at any hardware store. Just make sure the inner diameter is at least 3/8 of an inch which is how wide the toilet screws are.

If that doesn't do the trick you can try bumpers like these, which would adhere to the bottom of your toilet seat and make it sit flat when you sit down.

Alternatively, you could pick up a brand spankin' new seat. Here is an example of one that works just fine.

If you can share a picture with, that may help us diagnose your problem too!

Learn more in our Support Center

My toilet seat is raising, and not in a raise-the-roof typa way. What can I do?

How much water is used to produce the toilet paper?

One roll of our Bamboo TP takes 0.59 gallons of water. One roll of conventional TP takes 37 gallons of water! #math

Is the bamboo toilet paper made with Rayon?

Ray who? There’s no Rayon in our TP. The raw material is 100% bamboo.

What kind of process is used for turning bamboo into toilet paper? Do you use chlorine?

We practice biological pulping, meaning; we don't use chlorine at all during the process. No bleach. All natural.

Is there formaldehyde in the toilet paper?

Nope, just 100% bamboo.

Can I adjust my subscription?

Of course! It’s easier than getting the runs from T-Bell. Hit “Log In” at the top right of this page to sign into your account. Once logged in to your account click “Manage Subscriptions” on the right side of that page. Finally, click “Edit” on the right hand side. From there you will see buttons where you can adjust your billing info, shipping address, subscription frequency or next ship date.

Can you ship to my country?

Right now our subscriptions are only available in the contiguous United States.

How do I cancel?

We hope you’ll stay, but if ya gotta go you can login to your customer portal by clicking 'Log In' at the top of this page to manage your subscription, or if you need help you can always email and we’ll take care of you. You may cancel at any time.

How do I track my subscription orders?

You’ll automatically get an email as soon as an order is placed, and a second one with tracking info once it ships out so you can follow your order’s progress right up to your doorstep. You can also log in to your account to see all upcoming shipments. Just click 'Log In' at the top of the page!


Bamboo products are not eligible for refunds or returns, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Still have questions?