5 Foods Made From Poop

Corin Wells | 16 Apr, 2024

5 Foods Made From Poop

You are what you eat...

5 Foods Made From Poop

16 Apr, 2024

If you found any remnants of fecal matter in your food, you’d probably send the plate back, request a refund then proceed to burn the whole restaurant down. But what if you found out your food was actually made from poop? There are plenty of delectable dung dishes from around the globe but here are 5 of the top consumables made out of doo doo.

1. Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. And guess what it’s made from? Poop! Well more specifically, it’s made from coffee cherries that the civet cats have eaten and digested and then come out in their feces. As the coffee beans go through the civet cat, they are actually fermented. Apparently, it’s good enough for it to be sold at $700 per kilogram.

2. Panda Dung Green Tea

Coffee isn’t the only caffeinated beverage to to benefit from an animal’s digestive tract. Introducing panda dung green tea. Chinese entrepreneur An Yashi, started a business where he fertilizes green tea with the Panda dung, which supposedly contains elements that can prevent cancer and enhance the tea’s anti-cancer effects. He sells it at a whopping $35k per pound.

3. Baby Poop Sausage

There’s no actual poop in the sausage, but there is bacteria found in poop. Bacterial fermentation is what makes your spicy pepperoni the way it is, curing it and making it dry and delicious. But in this day and age where probiotics are being added into everything to help with good digestion, they’ve started to put the probiotic bacteria into sausages and the place that they’ve decided to get the bacteria from is from infant feces.

4. Un Kono Kuro

A craft… or crap beer brewed by a Kanagawa-based brewery called Sankt Gallen as an April Fool’s prank in 2013, this stout beer sold out within a matter of minutes after going on sale. So what makes it so special? Two things; coffee beans and elephant shit. Much like the Kopi Luwak coffee beans, harvested by the Civet, these beans are collected by the helpful elephants of Thailand’s Golden Triangle Elephant Foundation, digested and crapped out. Unlike the Civet, however, most of the beans get digested by the elephant.

5. Shellac

Shellac is an ingredient that’s commonly used as a glaze on the things we eat: coated candy, chocolate even waxed fresh fruit can contain shellac. So what is it? it’s the purified for of Lac, which is the secretion of the Lacier Lacca Kerr insect, found in India Thailand and Burma. Basically, the bugs secrete this (aka, poop it out) on twigs, which are soaked in water to clear away debris like insect parts, then soaked again in sodium carbonate to remove any stomach acids from the bugs. Then it’s processed into different forms either as the shiny stuff on your M&Ms, the hard stuff on your manicured nails, or put into ethanol to make wood shellac. All the same stuff, man.

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