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Clean on the go!

TUSHY Travel

TUSHY Travel

Completely portable and simple to use - no batteries required.



TUSHY Ottoman Offer

TUSHY Ottoman

You're cleaning the right way, you should poop the right way!


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Bidet Attachments & Bidet Toilet Seats

TUSHY Classic 3.0

TUSHY Classic 3.0

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars

Based on nearly 1 million real pooping humans’ reviews, we made our bestselling bidet even better. The TUSHY Classic 3.0 now cleans your butthole with a slimmer design, easier installation, and improved nozzle spraying.

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TUSHY Spa 3.0

TUSHY Spa 3.0

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars

Based on nearly 1 million real pooping humans’ reviews, we made our most soothing bidet attachment even better! The TUSHY Spa 3.0 comfortably cleans your bum with adjustable warm or cool freshwater, now with a slimmer design, easier installation, and improved nozzle spraying.

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TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat

TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars

The TUSHY Ace electric bidet seat is the highest-end TUSHY experience. Turn pottying into pampering with water temperature control, a heated seat, and an air dryer. Command all these features with a designer remote control that snaps into a magnetic wall mount.

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We made our best-selling bidet even better! The TUSHY Classic 3.0 bidet cleans your butthole with fresh water, the same as your sink or shower. (Never the bowl!) Now with a slimmer design, easier installation and improved nozzle spraying.

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TUSHY helps you save thousands of dollars over time on toilet paper consumption.

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It takes just 1 pint of water to properly wash with TUSHY versus 15 million trees to make toilet paper annually.

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For every TUSHY sold, we help fund the build-out of clean toilets for the urban and rural poor.

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Installs in 10 minutes.

TUSHY fits all standard toilets and some one-piece toilets. Doesn’t require electricity or plumbing. Just unscrew the toilet seat, pop the TUSHY on, connect to water, and you’re done.

How to install the TUSHY bidet attachment gif.

The luxury seat anyone can install.

TUSHY Ace fits both standard and skirted toilets* and requires a grounded, three-prong outlet to function. Simply turn your water off and remove your toilet seat to get started. We provide all the tank and hose connections, so there’s no extra trip to the hardware store needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bidets Worth It?

The health benefits, sustainability impact, and cost savings are totally worth it! TUSHY bidet attachments clean 2x better than wiping alone by spraying your bum with a fresh stream of water post-deuce. Switching to a bidet attachment cuts down on your toilet paper use by 80%, saving you money (and the planet!) every time you use the bathroom.

What’s the Best Bidet?

The best bidet attachment looks beautiful, installs in minutes, and is a delight to use. TUSHY provides three bidet attachments to clean all kinds of bums – from our best-selling TUSHY Classic to our soothing warm-water TUSHY Spa to our remote-controlled TUSHY Ace. New York Magazine and CNN called TUSHY products some of the best bidets of 2021.

How Do I Install a Bidet Attachment?

TUSHY bidet attachments install in under 10 minutes and require no electricity to use. Learn how to install a bidet attachment on your existing toilet without calling a plumber.

How Do I Install a Bidet Seat?

Bidet seats like the TUSHY Ace must be installed near a grounded three-prong outlet to power the more luxurious features, like a heated seat. Installation is still easy, with TUSHY Poo-Rus always available to assist.

How Do I Clean a Bidet?

Clean your TUSHY bidet attachment as frequently as you do your toilet with an all-purpose cleaner by manually pulling down the nozzle. The nozzle itself is retractable and only comes out of its poo-free cocoon when in use. We have also added a fun little nozzle wash feature that cleans the nozzle by running water over the outside of the nozzle, no hands necessary!

How Long Does it Take to Ship My Bidet?

All our orders ship (AKA leave the warehouse) in 1 to 3 business days. After that, the delivery time varies by shipping method, but those times are also given in business days. This means Saturdays and Sundays aren't counted in the estimates. Usually, standard shipping arrives in 2 to 7 business days once it has left the warehouse if you’re based in the contiguous US. For shipments to Australia, Canada, and non-contiguous US zones, it should arrive in 3 to 4 weeks.

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We are obsessed with keeping your butt clean and happy and we know our products can do that. That’s why we use TUSHY in our own lives! If your TUSHY experience is less than perfect, we’ll fix that sh*t… by any means necessary. Just reach out to our Customer Support Poo-Rus. Don’t worry, we have your backside.