What Is A Bidet? Uses, Types, Cost & More

Morgan Moran | 29 Jun, 2023

What Is A Bidet? Uses, Types, Cost & More

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What Is A Bidet? Uses, Types, Cost & More

29 Jun, 2023

You’re here because you’re bidet-curious, planet-conscious, TP-fatigued, and generally over having a poopy bum. But you also have questions because you, like most Americans, weren’t taught to shoot water at your butt. Promise we’ll be gentle.

Say it: Bidet is pronounced like the Aussie “G’day!” but with a B. It’s derived from the French word meaning “tiny horse,” as most standard bidets were straddled.
Spray it: A bidet is a term given to any device that sprays fresh water on one’s bottom, usually after pooping. 

Whereas historic bidets were primitive bowls, modern bidets are plumbed into your bathroom or integrated onto your existing toilet.

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What Is A Bidet Used For? 

Bidets are used to clean your butt with water after you poop. For centuries, Europeans and Asians have used bidets as a more hygienic alternative to dry wiping. Bidets remove 2x more poop bacteria than toilet paper while also gently cleaning everyone’s downstairs:

  • Before and after sex

  • During monthly cycles

  • Throughout chronic conditions, like Crohn's Disease and IBS

  • After surgery, when motor skills are limited 

  • Postpartum, when BMs and wiping are especially painful  

If you’re wondering what it's like to use a bidet, you simply turn a tap or knob to spray your bottom with fresh, clean water. If you have a bidet attachment, this all happens on your existing toilet! Sit, poop, spray.

Why Do Bidets Weird Americans Out? 

Replacing a habit you learned from toddlerhood is a big mental shift. “Parents know best” – and ours loved them some TP. 

There’s also a societal aversion to bidets that stems from WWII – when US soldiers were seeing bidets in European brothels as a means of cleaning up/preventing conception. Bidets were thus associated as “dirty.” 

Thankfully, with the rise of a butthole-positive society, that’s all changing. 

Types of Bidets

When we think of bidets, most of us think of a bidet toilet that sprays water. These are the pricier standalone units that George and Amal Clooney probably have.

In reality, there are several different types of butt sprayers that effectively clean your downstairs. 

Bidet Attachments

Good for frugal yet stylish butts.  

bidet attachment

Affordable bidet attachments clip onto your existing throne under the toilet seat in minutes. They include a console on the side of the toilet and a pressurized nozzle that is hands-free! In the case of TUSHY, no extra plumbing or electricity is required even if you opt for the warm-water TUSHY Spa

Bidet Seats 

Good for fussy butts. 

bidet seat

Bidet seats replace your existing toilet seat with an integrated bidet device.  These bidets are typically more expensive than bidet attachments or bidet hoses, and require a few more bidet installation steps to accommodate all the bells and whistles.

Because bidet seats like the TUSHY Ace include a heated seat, oscillating wash, bum dryer, and remote control, many models also require electricity near your toilet to operate.  

Bidet Hoses 

Good for basic barnyard butts. 

bidet hose

Bidet hoses are fairly industrial, featuring a metal hose fitting that attaches to your existing water supply. These bidets often require you to manually hold the spray under your nethers to clean, like a showerhead. Other bidet hoses hook onto your toilet, and you use a lever to turn it on and move it manually.

Portable Bidets 

Good for travelin’ butts. 

portable bidet

A travel or portable bidet is a small bottle with an extended or angled nozzle for spraying. These handheld bidets are designed for on-the-go spraying, whether hiking in the forest or traveling in hotels. Most travel bidets have simple squeeze-to-spray functionality and are available for under $30. 

What Are Bidets Good For?  

There are a butt-ton of benefits of cleaning with your bidet vs dusty dry tissue from your toilet roll. These include:

  • Way Less Poop: Ever notice your butt itching after going? That’s your b-hole’s way of saying “Help! There’s poo left behind!” Bidets get you 2x cleaner than wiping while eliminating the need to touch a poopy butt.
  • Healthier Butt: Your b-hole is just as delicate as your mouth-hole. Using bleached toilet paper with harmful BPAs contributes to irritation and fissures while also increasing your risk of UTIs and other infections.  
  • Happier Planet: Beyond all that TP you’re saving, bidets actually save more water than wiping! It takes 37 gallons of water to make just 1 toilet roll. TUSHY only uses an eighth of a gallon of water per use. 
  • All the Self-Care: Replacing a daily habit with a ritual that is healthier and more soothing will release all the endorphins. Using a bidet just feels good! 
  • Better Sex: When your nethers are permanently shower-fresh, you’ll have all the confidence to enjoy a sex-positive relationship. 
  • Easy Savings: Using 80% less toilet paper adds up in a household of multiple butts! 
  • Honest Conversations: A bidet is the ultimate conversation-starter with your partner, family, and any guests who brave your bathroom. 

How To Dry After Using a Bidet 

Three easy options here: Air/jiggle dry, dab with a soft reusable bidet towel, or pat dry with a square or two of toilet paper.

If you can’t commit to fully quitting TP, we highly recommend using a sustainable, 100% biodegradable paper made from bamboo. Bamboo is 100% natural, panda-soft, and can grow over 3 feet every single day – so it’s as butt-friendly as it is earth-friendly.

Thinking of treating your butt to an electric bidet seat over a non-electric bidet? You’ll likely have the option of using an integrated bum dryer. 

How Much Do Bidets Cost? 

This is kind of like asking how much cars cost. There’s a huge price range depending on brand, type, and features. Here’s a general breakdown of what you can expect to shell out for a sh*t-free butt:

  • Travel Bidet: <$30
  • Bidet Hose: $40 - $60
  • Bidet Attachment: $50 - $300 
  • Bidet Seat: $400 - $1,700
  • A Bidet Toilet: $1,200 - $2,500

Ultimately, all of these bidets get the job done with varying degrees of style and comfort. Bidet attachments are a fantastic gateway-bidet given their affordability and user-friendly install. No plumber’s crack is required! Learn more about bidets with our Bidet Buyer's Guide!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bidets Work?

Whereas toilet paper merely smears poo around, bidets use a stream of water to cleanse your b-hole. Bidets use the same water you brush your teeth with and leave you feeling shower-clean any time of day. 

Are Bidets Sanitary?

Yes! Bidets are 2x more hygienic than toilet paper because they wash away the poo, leaving your bum feeling sparkling clean. TUSHY bidet attachments also feature a self-cleaning nozzle, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning your bidet even after riding the porcelain pony.

Won’t Poo Spray Everywhere?

Many people with vaginas are apprehensive when adopting the bidet, because they are told to wipe from front-to-back when “cleaning” with paper. This is taught to avoid bacteria being spread to the urethra which causes UTIs. Washing with water, especially the precise, concentrated spray of TUSHY, prevents UTIs because it actually washes away the bacteria rather than spreading it around. 

Who Uses a Bidet?

Anyone who poops. You don’t need to be a specific gender, nationality, or religion to benefit from butt-washing. And no, washing with a bidet doesn’t make you gay.
While our European and Asian friends have embraced the bidet for centuries, everyone who poops should use one.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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