Are Bidets Sanitary? Everything You Need to Know.

Corin Wells | 24 Apr, 2024

Are Bidets Sanitary? Everything You Need to Know.

Learn about why bidets are the sanitary choice for your derrière.

Are Bidets Sanitary? Everything You Need to Know.

24 Apr, 2024

Pause the poop-water montage that’s looping in your head––are bidets sanitary? The answer is yes! Bidets are 2x cleaner than wiping with toilet paper. Here’s why bidet hygiene sprays supreme.

Bidets vs. Toilet Paper 

When a core memory of our childhood gets criticized (like wiping with TP), it’s normal to get a little defensive. We’re cagey about bidets because we prob weren’t raised in a house that romanticized butt washing.

But think about it. Every time something dirty happens, like stepping in dog doo or sweating in the gym, we don’t reach for 2-ply to clean up. We get out the hose or hop in the shower to wash the ever loving stank away.

Endless wiping smears poop around––if you wipe, you’re sitting in a code brown situation until you shower. Washing with a bidet sprays poop away with a targeted stream of fresh, clean water. 

7 Reasons Why Bidets Are Sanitary

Smell ya later, dingleberries. Bidet hygiene kicks toilet paper’s ass by: 

  1. Gently washing away poop, dirt, and grime instead of smooshing it around your bottom.
  2. Cleaning your booty hands-free. Wiping a juicy deuce can transfer bacteria to your hands and phone that can linger for up to 7 days.
  3. Preventing painful down-there irritation. Warm water bidets are soft on hemorrhoids and postpartum bottoms while lowering your risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and anal fissures.
  4. Super soaking those butt hairs, which can be total stank magnets during the swamp ass months of summer. And yes, everyone has butt hair
  5. Evicting TP debris for good. You ever find a corner of 2-ply in your crack and wonder how long it’s been up in there? That doesn’t happen with bidets. 
  6. Cleaning up all the bodily fluids. Bidets are game–changers if you’re someone who sweats, periods, or has sex. 
  7. Making IBS life tolerable. Knowing we have a soothing, dignified bidet behind us inspires better cleanup whenever the poop-cano strikes. 

Bidet Hygiene Tips  

You might still be asking yourself, “Okay but are bidets sanitary BEYOND the butt? Like, am I washing myself with a poopy nozzle?” Thanks to modern design and the occasional wipe-down, bidets stay surprisingly clean

Nozzle Care

Many bidet nozzles self-clean and retract when the show is over. Simply use the nozzle wash feature daily (whether you poop or not) and run a damp cloth over the nozzle weekly to ensure a sparkling spray every time. 

Spray Front To Back

If you have a vagina, the same wiping adage applies to bidet water. When you’re in the shower, you don’t go knuckle deep in your b-hole before moving on to your snatch, right? Be sure to adjust your water pressure and nozzle angle as well to avoid forcing water deep inside your V.

Pat Excess Water Dry

Wet skin is uncomfortable and can chafe. After you spray yourself clean with a bidet, pat dry with a square or two of TP or use a soft, washable bum towel. 

Bidets Cam Prevent Infections

Amidst the debate of bidet versus toilet paper, one crucial aspect often overlooked is their role in preventing infections. While traditional wiping methods may leave behind a breeding ground for bacteria, bidets offer a superior solution by gently washing away impurities without the risk of irritation or contamination. Bidets not only reduce the chances of transferring harmful bacteria to hands and surfaces but also significantly lower the risk of infections such as urinary tract infections (UTIs) and anal fissures. By embracing bidet hygiene, individuals can proactively safeguard their health, making it a vital addition to any bathroom routine.

Other Benefits of Bidets

Butt wait––there’s more! Having a Twilight-sparkly butthole is the first of many benefits when you use bidets instead of toilet paper.

  • Easy on your pipes. Think of all the wet, cloggy TP you won’t be flushing down your toilet. Bidets also eliminate the need to use environmentally-harmful wet wipes, which are creating floating masses of grease garbage in our sewer systems. 
  • Easy on the planet. 15% of deforestation goes to toilet paper production. And you don’t want to know how much water it takes to make a single roll of TP. (37 gallons.) Switching to a bidet saves a butt-ton of resources every time you poop!
  • Easy on your wallet. Owning a bidet is actually cheaper than using toilet paper. The average American spends around $120 on butt wipe each year. So you can break even your first year of bidet life when you cut out buying toilet paper. 
  • Easy on your toilet. Modern bidet attachments fit onto your existing toilet without requiring fancy tools, electricity, or additional plumbing. Our TUSHY Classic 3.0 bidet can be installed in less than 8 ½ minutes by any pooping human!
  • Easy on everyone. Literally anyone can benefit from using a bidet. That includes young people, elderly people, pregnant people, people with periods, people with mobility issues, and people who love butt stuff.

Bidets are your personal butt-lers.

No mid-day shower or deforestation is needed to keep your downstairs hygiene tight. Your bidet refreshes you after every bathroom visit and before you get jiggy with your partner,  and helps you clean up after sex.

Change your hole life and bidet yourself healthier with one of our easy to install bidet toilet seat attachments, which fits on your existing throne in minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bidet attachments sanitary?

100%. Bidet attachments use fresh water (the same water you brush your teeth with) to wash your bottom bits clean. The nozzle that sprays your booty is often self-cleaning and retractable when not in use.

Should you wipe before using a bidet?

Do you wipe your body before you shower? The same logic applies! Wiping only smears poop and bacteria around. Washing your butt with a bidet uses clean, pressurized water to spray poop off your butt like an expert marksman.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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