Corin Wells | 12 Oct, 2017


Our friends over at Green Matters and Package Free Shop have teamed up to launch the #GreenRoutine challenge!  They are providing helpful tips and routines to promote sustainable living in our community. Team TUSHY has accepted the #GreenRoutine challenge! We’ll show you how simple it is to adjust a few common habits to make them more sustainable. Think about this for a second: you’re going to poop and pee (multiple times a day) every single day for the rest of your life, so slightly changing your bathroom routine to a #greenroutine can have a major positive impact on the environment.

1. Stop Wiping, Start Washing!

When you add TUSHY to your #GreenRoutine, you’re not only saving your ass from potential hemorrhoids and UTIs perpetuated by toilet paper, you are saving the environment. If every US household removed just one roll of toilet paper from their routine, 423,900 trees would be saved. TUSHY provides the perfect sustainable alternative to using toilet paper after you poop. Plus, it’s only $69!

2. Literally Go Green!

After you’ve washed your booty with TUSHY, pat dry with our Bamboo Towels so you can eliminate the need to even use toilet paper after pooping. You can get them in the original natural color and our fresh new green color. These ultra-soft towels are made from 100% organic bamboo fibers which is highly sustainable because the bamboo we use can grow up to 39 inches in one day!  


Because we can’t get enough of the sustainable power of bamboo, we’ve completely replaced regular toilet paper with our greener and safer Bamboo Toilet Paper for our #1s. Paper manufacturers reach deep into species-rich forests for virgin timber and razing trees, resulting in polluted waterways and demolished precious wildlife habitat. Because bamboo grows so quickly, it is way more sustainable and environmentally friendly to us.

With this simple and sustainable bathroom #greenroutine, we are doing our part in minimizing our carbon footprint. Don’t you think Mother Nature is tired of taking our crap?!

You can participate in the #GreenRoutine by posting a picture or video on Instagram or Facebook. Show Green Matters how you are living green and promoting sustainable practices. To be considered for a $100 gift card to Package Free Shop, use the hashtag #GreenRoutine and tag @greenmatters and @packagefreeshop. For more information on how to enter, click here.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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