2018 Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Corin Wells | 04 Dec, 2018

2018 Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

And if you've been naughty, you pretty pray that's coal and not something else...

Sometimes the smaller, more practical gifts are the most meaningful and heartwarming… and sometimes they are the most downright ridiculous. That’s what makes them the best and honestly, the most memorable gifts of all. If you're having trouble filling those stockings, look no further. TUSHY present 2018 Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide:

1. LED Toilet Night Light from Urban Outfitters

If you've every fallen into a toilet because the lid was not put down, you know the importance of sufficient bathroom lighting. But sometimes, turning on a light in the middle of the night is the last thing you (or your eyes) need. That's where this LED Toilet Night Light from Urban Outfitters comes in. This gift is perfect for anyone who need to safely navigate your way to the porcelain throne. www.uo.com

2. The Red Ball Reindeer | Red Ball Hammock Boxer from Shinesty

You know, a ball hammock. I guess you probably refer to them as boxer briefs. This super fun and silly man undies are great for the men in your life who love to laugh.... or need to. Their significant other will probably get a kick out of it too. www.shinesty.com

3. The Bathroom Guestbook from Uncommon Goods

Get the autograph of every butt that’s been on your toilet with this Bathroom Guestbook from Uncommon Goods. Booties come and go but the memories last a lifetime. www.uncommongoods.com

4. Binge Watching Beauty Kit from Pottery Barn

The Binge Watching Beauty Kit has everything you need for pampering while watching your favorite shows. Including fuzzy socks, toe separators, a mini snack clip, nail buffer and more, it’s also the perfect indulgent gift for anyone on your list. www.potterybarn.com

5. TUSHY’s Ask Me About My Butthole T-Shirt

Because we already know you got everyone on your list a TUSHY bidet, you might as well get them something so they can brag about it. TUSHY's "Ask me about my butthole" t-shirt is sure to make anyone giggle. Only the bravest and cleanest of butts will wear it proudly. www.hellotushy.com

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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