Get $10 for telling your friend about your clean butt

Alex Keller | 19 Jun, 2017

No brainer? Obviously.

It’s never a bad time to spread some booty lovin’ and get PAID real cheddar bobs (that’s cash money) for doing it. When you recruit for the Clean Booty Crew, we give back to YOU and feed your Amazon Prime addiction. All you have to do is help your friend have a clean butt and get paid $10 every time you do it? YES. That’s exactly what we said. Think of all the cool things you can buy with this Amazon gift card. Literally anything! If today is too hot for you to use your imagination (it’s like 200 degrees in NYC), here are ten items under $10, $20, and $30 that we found:

Under $10

1. Wine aerator

For the sophisticated wine connoisseurs who sip from the glass… or straight from the bottle.

2. Marble personal journal

You’ll fit right in at that coffee shop in deep Brooklyn with this notebook.

3. Banana tote bag

How can you resist this a-peel-ing tote?! (Get it? Banana tote? Peel? Forget it.) Perfect for anyone with a green thumb who wants to avoid those harmful plastic bags while also looking super cute.

4. Rosewater facial spray

Keep yourself feeling new age-y fresh this summer with Mario Badescu’s facial spray.

5. Poo-Pourri

Walk around confidently knowing that your shit, in fact, don’t stink.

6. Dinosaur phone mount

‘Cuz who doesn’t want another cute dinosaur thing-y?

7. Camera lens mug

We sure have an eye for cute things.  

8. Scuba diver tea infuser

20,000 Leagues Under the Tea!

9. Rustic geometric plant holder

On the topic of Plant Parenthood, these plant hangers will make you a better plant mom for your flower child. #badmomjoke

10. Woodland pencils

Lions and tigers and graphite, oh my! Aunt Em, send me home pls.

Under $20

1. Cell Phone HD Camera Lens

It’s never been easier to be an amateur photographer nowadays. I mean, who isn’t with all of those insta filters...Clip this wide angle, macro HD lens onto the smartphone of your choice and snap away!

2. Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller, 2-Pack

The Corkcicle’s Chillsner beer chiller gives new meaning to Cold Brew.

3. Tootsie Roll Noodle Pool Float

We’ve got a floater, folks! This Tootsie Roll noodle is a definite (poo)lside essential. #puns4days

4. Mama Nessie Colander Spoon

Our hearts melted when we saw this Lochness Monster inspired colander spoon, I mean, seriously?! YES! Yes pls.

6. Oven Mitt

Fuck this shit.

7. Stainless steel French press

Pressed for time in the morning? #moremomjokes

8. Dachshund ice cube tray

Cold Dogs.

9. Set of 4 wooden bowls

For the Brooklynite Peruvian Portlander in all of us. 

10. LED Touch Desk Lamp / Pencil Holder

We want one. That’s why it’s on here.

11. Fruit popsicle molds

It’s just like eating actual fruit… right?  

12. Toilet mug

Perfect for all the potty mouths in your life.

Under $30

1. KeepCup

Save money (and the environment) with this reusable KeepCup! It’s BPA free, microwave safe, recyclable, and super durable, making it the perfect to-go cup for coffee, tea, or any other beverage of your choice.

2. Jewelry Stand

Keep losing your rings and necklaces? Hang them all in one place with this jewelry organizer.

3. Power Cube Extender

Do(o) away with the usual extension cord, and get this nifty power cube instead. It comes with a pairing feature that allows you to turn it on using a remote. It’s also super portable, compact, and can easily mount on or under your desk.

4. Melted Wine Bottle Platter

As you know, here at TUSHY, we love all things upcycled and recycled. Grab these cute and crafty handmade platters crafted from melted wine bottles to serve cheese and crackers, hummus and chips, or any delish snack at your next party.

5. Succulent Planter

These adorable lil’ planters provide the perfect home for your succulents.

6. Oil and vinegar set

Heisenberg in the streets, Walter White in the... kitchen.

7. Memobottle

Hey, this water is flat! Finally, a super sleek and reusable water bottle that doesn’t bulk up your bag!

8. Portable Mirror Alarm Clock

The first face you see when you open your eyes should be the one you love.

9. Bamboo monitor stand

With this monitor stand — that also doubles as a lap desk — you can stay organized in style.

10. Scratch Off World Map

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? Who cares? Look at all the places you’ve been.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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