ANALyze This: Pooping in Front of Your Significant Other

Corin Wells | 14 Feb, 2018

If I fart in front of you on a first date, you should definitely put...

ANALyze This: Pooping in Front of Your Significant Other

14 Feb, 2018

Last year, a story came out about a brave but unfortunate woman who made the decision to poop in the bathroom of her Tinder date. To her dismay, the toilet did not flush and she convinced herself to remove her stool from the bowl and attempt (key word) to climb out of the window to discard her excrement. Needless to say, she got stuck in the window. This isn't the first story of its kind. Exhibit A: this woman who put her turd in her purse while at a potential beau’s house. So what makes poop so embarrassing that some would go to extreme measures and even more humiliation to hide it? Especially since it’s something that we all do. And once you’ve been dating someone long term, when is it ok to poop openly?

Understandably, on first dates that lead to first hookups, we want to make the best impression regardless of our intentions. We all like to blur the truth about ourselves and present the least-flawed version of our fleshy emotional sacks of bones and meat. With a little rouging of the knees or a tucked-in button down, we hope to hide the fact that we are just normal people who take dumps at least once a day. Team TUSHY is obviously an advocate for opening up the conversation around poops and what better place to start than within our most intimate relationships.

I, personally, am of the mind that we shouldn’t be ashamed of our poops. Have I pooped at a dates house? Absolutely. Nervous poops are the hardest to contain and I would rather let it out in the toilet than during any butt play. I will say that I’ve never had a situation where it wouldn’t flush (knock on all the wood) but I can confidently say that I would never try to hide it… or put it in my purse. I would maturely approach the person and say something along the lines like… “Hey, I pooped and your toilet is fucked up. I may have done it but I think it was probably already jacked… oh my god, is this an authentic afghan rug?” And then we’d make sweet love on that beautiful rug.

In a recent and credible poll of my Instagram friends who actually look at my stories, I asked “Do you make poopy in front of your significant other?”

36% (of Corin’s friends) said “All the time.” and 64% (of Corin’s friends) said “I would never!”

This is wild to me. I like to think that the level of intimacy and love shared between two people transcends the disgust of bodily functions. As a good friend of mine once said, “Poop is the glue that holds 2 hearts together.” I truly believe that. I would think that once you’ve allowed someone to get all up in your junk, in the sexual sense, everything else seems elementary.

What do you think? Are you comfortable pooping in front of your significant other? Whatever your answer, both you and your love deserve to have the cleanest butts around. And there is no better way to ensure that than with TUSHY.

#stopwipingstartwashing ...and start pooping in front of your lovers.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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