#GiveAShit Challenge

Corin Wells | 29 Oct, 2019

#GiveAShit Challenge

Would you take a picture of your poop for science?

Would you take a picture of your poop for science? 

Pooping is something that we all do. You doo it. Your mom does it. The Obamas doo it. I do it… a lot. Yet, with all this pooping that happens, we talk about it like it’s the plague. Our poop can unlock so much about our gut and internal health. That is why on October 28th, our butt buddies at Seed and AUGGI started building the world’s first and largest POOP image database in the hopes to train an AI to change the future of gut health.

Think of your poop as data. And that data is a direct output of your gut and bowels and can reveal import insights about your overall health, like from how well you’re digesting foods which in turn could benefit your diet to whether you’re experiencing symptoms that could indicate more serious health issues. Everything from the shape, size, texture, consistency, and frequency can tell you a lot about what’s happening in there. 

You’re probably wondering, WHY? Why would anyone want to collect pictures of poop? Well, the sh*tty truth of the matter is that 74% of Americans are living with some form of digestive discomfort. 79 million people around the world are pooping, right at this very moment, but most are dealing with bloating, diarrhea, irregularity, pain, and gas on a daily basis, and many suffer from chronic conditions like IBD or Crohn’s.

Patients with gut conditions are often asked by their physicians to report how their poop consistency and color change over time which can be a real pain in the ass. That’s where AUGGI comes in—an AI learning the difference between healthy and unhealthy poop in order to automate symptom tracking and analysis, and help transform the future of gut health and patient care.

AUGGI has already started training with 30,000 clay models of poop. But, now it’s time to put its algorithms to the test and get real with real images of real poop from real pooping humans just like YOU!

They need to collect as many poop images from as many diverse humans and places as possible so AUGGI can learn faster, smarter, and better. And don’t worry, your poop nudes will remain anonymous. All photo contributions will be stripped of identifying information and metadata and passed on anonymously to auggi. GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Are you ready to participate in the #GiveAShit Challenge?

Go to seed.com/poop on your mobile device and #ShootTheShit! Then share the dare and tell all of your friends about the #GiveAShit Challenge. Doo it for science!

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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