#FBF: Meow Meow Tweet

Corin Wells | 29 Sep, 2017

#FBF: Meow Meow Tweet

For this Follow Backside Friday, we talk to one of our fellow sustainability partners, Meow...

How did Meow Meow Tweet get it's start?

We started Meow Meow Tweet in our Brooklyn kitchen way back in 2009. It all started with soap. We were into urban homesteading, think window gardens and an indoor worm compost, so naturally we wanted to make our own soap. It’s was a slippery slope from then on! Tara continued to tinker in the kitchen, growing our product line to what it is today and Jeff drew more animals, mostly cats, which would define our packaging.

What is the story behind your name?

We’re named after our two cats and Jeff’s bird. It’s an understatement to call us animal lovers, we really love them! We wanted a name that could be spirited, quirky and fun.

What is one of your most popular products?

We’re most well known for our deodorant. We offer creams and sticks, with and without baking soda, in a bunch of scents, so there’s something for everyone. We truly love talking to people about their pits!

What is one of your hidden gem products that more people should use? 

An unsung hero is our facial care line. These products do it all for us. We love having a morning and nightly regime to look forward to that leaves our skin feeling balanced, toned and fresh.

In what ways does Meow Meow Tweet promote sustainable living?

Keeping our finger on the pulse of sustainability is a big deal for us. Whether it’s new packaging technology or a process that reduces waste, we’re always looking for ways to adopt these changes into our business. We’re most proud of our paper tubes which are biodegradable. And most recently we moved our packaging over to screen printed containers. We also source fair trade and certified organic ingredients and believe in paying our employees living wages. For us, sustainability includes treating each other with fairness and compassion.

What are some challenges that you all face as a sustainable brand?

The biggest challenge is going head to head with the consumerist mentality. Convenience, rock-bottom prices, a throw-away society— we’re all consumers in some way, whether large or small. Reminding ourselves and our customers that sometimes it’s just about getting used to something different, or putting in a little more effort, can mean that someone or the environment isn’t paying for our irresponsible choices. While progress is inevitable, we believe in moving forward with mindfulness and not just drifting into the future.

If you could have any famous cat and/or bird as your spokes animal, who would it be? 

Wow, maybe Garfield? He really nailed it with his regime of eating lasagna, snacks and naps!

Does Meow Meow Tweet have anything special in the works that your customers can look forward to? 

Ah yes we do! Think of something you should use this daily. A special occasion you’d bring this to is a beach day.  Hint, hint…
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