Breaking Up is Hard to D(o)o

Skye Nguyen | 17 Jul, 2017

We’ll help you end your most toxic relationships that are unhealthy for you and the...

As your friends, we think it’s time to dump your old products and get with ones that know how to make your body feel good and that you can take home to Mother Nature. We’ve done all the hard work for you and found a bunch of different ways you can transition into a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising your relationship with the environment. Now go to the nearest bodega and grab a pint of Halo Top and blast the worst Taylor Swift breakup songs you know. You’re ready for an conscious uncoupling with your bad habits.

Let’s start with butt stuff: the make or break of a relationship. We all poop, right? So why not wash your ass with a TUSHY bidet instead of wiping it with dry paper. Not only are you giving your nether regions a better clean, but you’re dramatically reducing the amount of toilet paper used. We know - this is the part where you say, “But how am I supposed to dry my wet asscheeks?” We’re glad you asked. You could use a few sheets of toilet paper to pat dry - *much* less TP than you’d end up using to wipe your butt clean - OR you could take this new fling a step further and get some TUSHY towels to keep near your toilet. You should totally ask TUSHY to move in. I think you’re ready.

Now, It’s time to break up with the brand that every household has: Neutrogena. Your mom might be a big fan of them, but Mama Earth cannot wait for you to ditch that low life. She never liked it. She warned you it wasn’t right for you. But don’t worry! We’ve got the perfect rebound for this old flame. Cue Raw Elements’ Plastic Free Pack. This comes with their Eco Formula Lotion Tin and Tinted Face Moisturizer and both have 30 SPF. With their Eco Formula Lotion Tin, you get all the same sunscreen power, but without wasting plastic. It’s water-resistant and moisturizing so you’re getting the best of both worlds! With their Tinted Face Moisturizer, you get the added bonus of a slight skin-toned tint on top of the traditional sunscreen and moisturizing properties. A Plastic Free Pack of many talents; you two were meant for each other. 

Okay, now you’ve washed and moisturized - the next step is to get the rest of you smelling fresh and clean. It’s time you serve Dove and Axe some divorce papers. You’ve met the one: Meow Meow Tweet’s deodorant stick. This deodorant stick is made with the dream team of plant oils and mineral powders in a convenient push-up biodegradable paper tube. You can add to the fun and make it a threesome with Meow Meow Tweet’s Avocado Shampoo Bar for a deep hair cleanse. It’s made with avocado oil and aloe vera to condition and soften, while the rosemary and hops flowers promote shiny hair and scalp health. This shampoo bar can also be used all over your body! Because there’s no bottle, there’s a lesser carbon footprint.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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