Best Public Restrooms in NYC

Corin Wells | 11 Jun, 2019

Usually, when you visit a place or go to a restaurant, you hardly consider what their bathrooms look like. And why should you? Bathrooms are the last thing we think about when choosing a restaurant or planning a date. That hasn’t stopped many NYC establishments from putting the same TLC and creativity into their bathroom as they do the rest of the building. Check out these 5 Cool Places to Shit In the City.

Prospect Park’s Composting Bathroom

Prospect Park opened up an eco-friendly public bathroom in the Wellhouse Comfort Station, which is actually the last building left in the park which was designed by the park’s original architects. The building originally held a coal-powered steam engine, now it has been turned into a public bathroom, with a twist. Its composting toilets use 3 to 6 ounces of water, which is 97% less than your typical toilet’s 1.6 gallons. The compost collected from the bathroom is sucked into compact tanks under the earth, which is full of red worms and bacteria.

The Muse Hotel’s 7 Deadly Sins

Midtown’s Muse Hotel bathroom consists of seven stalls, each named after one of the seven deadly sins. Depending on your vices, you can choose Glam, Vain, Rebel, Passion, Macho, and Envy. Each connects to a common lounge area, which represents purgatory. The bathrooms themselves are works of art, each fitting their moniker for example, The Vain bathroom is made of hundreds of mirrors and the Envy bathroom is, obvi, green.

Sakagura’s Sake Stalls

Located in the basement of a Midtown office building, this restaurant offers one of the city’s most unique bathroom experiences. Each stall is constructed to look like a giant sake barrel. If you can find the restaurant, that is—Sakagura is hidden away at the end of a labyrinth of hallways in a nondescript office building.

Acme Studios

Williamsburg’s Acme Studios is a prop shop and photo studio with an eclectic collection of objects, and their bathroom is no exception.

The TJ Maxx on 19th and 6th

A bonus bathroom: This may not be your fancy-schmancy bathroom like all the rest, but if you have to poop while you’re down in the Flat Iron District, the bathroom in the Home Goods section of the T.J. Maxx is (very) tried and true.

Wherever you decide to poop in the city, make sure you have your TUSHY Travel, portable bidet on hand so you can give yourself that shower-fresh clean on the go. 

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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