We're in Brooklyn's new zero-waste shop

Elliot Friar | 04 May, 2017

The first ever ~zero waste~ lifestyle store just opened in Brooklyn, and our booties are...

1. Package Free Store Opens In Brooklyn, And We’re In It!

        The first ever ~zero waste~ lifestyle store just opened in Brooklyn, and our booties are in it! Zero-wasters Lauren Singer (you might know her from her mason jar) and Daniel Silverstein opened the store to celebrate products that empower users to be more sustainable — and of course TUSHY made the green cut. You can even try TUSHY bidet in their bathroom!

    📍 137 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY (Right off the Bedford L).

    Here’s Lauren drinking water from TUSHY, bc y’all know it sprays fresh-as-heck water on your bum:

    2. Scientists Are Counting Birds… From Space

      Northern Royal albatrosses, to my surprise, are not a creature you battle in a video game. Turns out they’re real-life *endangered* birds. The albatrosses (is that the plural?) naturally nest on sea-stacks located on top of giant vertical rock cliffs in New Zealand, which sounds super romantic. Unfortunately, some scientists are not Olympic rock climbers in their spare time, so the animals are normally difficult to appraise. Scientists are now using high-resolution satellite imaging — which has recently been permitted for non-military use by the United States government — to count the sneaky, fancy version of a seagull. This could lead to better understanding the struggling species, which has a dwindling population from ocean pollution and fishing.

      3. Here's How Long It Takes The Average Mammal To Poop

      A new study published in the journal “Soft Matter” (100% serious that is the real name) explored one of the most important questions of our time: How long does it take to poop, and does it depend on the respective animal’s size? Researchers observed over 30 different mammals answering nature’s call — because this is *definitely* a good use of scientists’ time — and found a consistent doo-duration of 12 seconds across all mammals. This should be the same for humans (not including the leisure potty time you spend watching Insta stories), and any longer warrants a visit to the doc to make sure everything is bidet-okay.

      Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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