The P(o)operhero The World Needs

Corin Wells | 14 Sep, 2017

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive... especially after $1 taco night.

The P(o)operhero The World Needs

14 Sep, 2017

A Vegan Poop A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Are you a vegan? Do you poop? Well your defecation may save a life. At least that's what PETA thinks. According to the animal rights crusaders of justice, vegans have the best poop out there and should donate their “gold standard” of fecal transplants. I know you're probably wondering... WTF is a fecal transplant and whyyyy? Well, people who suffer from debilitating gastrointestinal infections can be helped with the feces of a healthy person.In a Fecal Microbiota Transplants, the poop is injected in pill form and can help rebalance the patients body. The problem is healthy poop is pretty hard to come by. And while PETA cites some medical professionals in their proclamation of vegan dung superiority, the evidence that vegan poo is healthier isn't really merited. Does your poop have the healing power? 


As The World Poops

Poop makes the world go round. Without it, we may not have beautiful sandy beaches that you sunbathe on every summer. We wouldn’t have fruits like avocados… so no extra Guac! (The horror). We wouldn’t have healthy terrestrial ecosystems. Host of It’s Ok to Be Smart, John Hanson, explains the essential role that poop plays in our ecosystem. Like, did you know parrot fish eat coral? The fish can’t digest the bony part so the poop it out and… wait for it….the final product is sand. Mind blown. If you want to learn more about the circle of life and poop, check out this video.


D(o)o Your Part

Poop does a lot of the leg work in keeping us and our planet healthy. We have to work on doing our part in protecting the environment and promoting sustainability because this is the only planet we have. When you become a TUSHY convert, you minimize your carbon footprint substantially. A single person uses at least 57 sheets of toilet paper per day and 100 rolls of toilet paper a year. That’s an entire ecosystem being shoved into your ass crack, dabbed around a bit, and then flushed away. Give your butt and the planet a break and try TUSHY. Your ass and Momma Nature will thank you. 


Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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