Benefits of Using a Bidet

You know that age old adage, “If a bird pooped on you, would you wipe it off with dry paper or would you wash it with water?” …Oh, you never heard of it? Coolcoolcool. But think about it. Water is the best way to clean just about everything – our dishes, our sick cars, our hair, and bodies. So wouldn’t it make sense to clean our butts after we poop?

If someone crapped on your floor… would you wipe it with toilet paper? No, you’d probably don a hazmat suit, dump five quarts of bleach on it, and then set your whole house on fire. And rightfully so. Shit, crap, poop, booboo, whatever you choose to call it, is unsanitary and dangerous. The health risks of using toilet paper are exponential. Wiping with toilet paper leaves us stewing in our own mess. That skid mark that we’re collectively sitting on because we didn’t wash with TUSHY could lead to some real problems.

Using a bidet changes all that. A cleansing, soothing water wash leaves you clean and shower-fresh all day long. TUSHY can be adjusted to suit your personal needs and enjoyed by anyone: male, female, young, elderly, Slytherin and Gryffindor.

Besides offering great benefits to users, bidets also help protect the environment. Americans use over 34 million rolls of toilet paper every day which wastes precious resources and damages the environment and ecosystems that rely on trees. The TUSHY bidet reduces toilet paper consumption by 75 to 100% to give you not only a luxurious bathroom experience but also a green lifestyle.

#greenbum! Read below to learn the 7 benefits of using a bidet.

Better Cleaning Than Paper

Think about it. After lifting weights in the gym or sweating it out in spin class what's the first thing you do when you get home? Take a shower. Why? Because rinsing off with water is the best way to get clean and feel fresh. I don't think there are too many people out there who come home after a workout and wipe their body down with paper.. and if they do... well that's just weird.

The same goes for your b-hole. Using water to clean your tush after you poop is by far the best method of cleaning and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. A bidet sends a stream of water directly at your b-hole cleaning off fecal material, sweat, and grime. Most of the world already knows about the benefits of using bidets as they are very common in many Asian and European countries. In fact, the French have been spraying their butts for over 300 years so that has to say something about their effectiveness.


Did you know that the US has only 4% of the world's population but uses 20% of the global toilet paper supply? The average American uses 141 rolls of toilet paper which is a s***load of toilet paper - especially considering each roll takes 1.5 pounds of wood to produce. Unfortunately, most of this paper comes from virgin wood from trees chopped down in Canada's pristine Boreal Forests. Not cool.

Unlike the 37 gallons of water it takes to create a single roll of toilet paper, bidets on average only use 1/8th of a gallon per use making them the clear winner when it comes to the most eco-friendly method to clean your back end. So save a log the next time you drop a log by using a bidet instead of toilet paper.


Bidet users report using up to 75% less toilet paper than average. This equates to a savings of around $92 per year based on the average annual toilet paper expenditure. While the savings alone are enough to make you want to buy a bidet, another reason to consider is that toilet paper can become a scarce commodity during times of crisis. What's the first thing stores sell out of before a hurricane, snow storm, pandemic, etc? Toilet paper. So while everyone else is standing in line waiting for their toilet paper ration you'll be sitting pretty – on your bidet that is.

Comfortable and Gentle on Your Skin

Nothing beats the feeling of cleaning your b-hole with a gentle stream of water vs the fine grain sandpaper known as toilet paper. You know the saying, “Once you bidet, TP is neigh”. Actually I totally just made that up but you get the point. Wiping with toilet paper can lead to hemmorhoids and anal fissures which are a real pain in the ass (literally). This is due to the abrasive nature of toilet paper and the fact that the skin around the anus is very sensitive and prone to irritation. Also, when you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), incontinence, or crohn’s disease you may go to the toilet more often (more toilet paper...ew). The comfort of using a bidet vs toilet paper is unsurpassed and will leave you wondering why you didn’t switch years ago.

Hygienic for Women and Expecting Mothers

Most women know that the front to back rule is crucial to help prevent UTIs. With bidets you can throw that rule out the window since there is no wiping involved which is great news for those that suffer from UTIs. Bidets are especially helpful for women on their period as they can help with messy period blood.

Also, pregnant women can rejoice. Bidets are invaluable during pregnancy as they allow you to stay nice and clean down there even when mobility becomes an issue.

Easy to Use for Those With Mobility Issues

Those with mobility issues will find bidets particularly useful. Wiping your ass is something most people take for granted. Seniors, people with disabilities, and anyone with mobility issues can have a difficult time reaching down to wipe which can be a painful and humiliating experience. Bidets can help give people their dignity back. Instead of struggling to wipe, people with mobility issues can simply turn a dial to gently wash their backside. This can be a blessing for caregivers too as it helps people become more independent. Liberating? Yes. Celebration worthy? We certainly think so.

Less Expensive Plumbing Issues and Clogged Toilets

Picture this: you just finished wiping after dropping a deuce. Satisfied, you press the handle on the toilet. To your horror, all that toilet paper you just used has come back to haunt you as the water level starts to rise instead of flush. As you furiously plunge the toilet, your bathroom becomes covered in poopy toilet paper water. Not a pretty sight.

This situation can be avoided with a bidet. Instead of shoving a mountain of toilet paper through your toilet everyday you can simply spray your booty hole, flush and be done. This can save you the surprise expense of having to call a plumber to come snake out your toilet. Not only are you doing your toilet a favor, you're also helping your community. Toilet paper is a public nuisance too as it clogs pipes and strains the city sewer system and water treatment plants.

Simple Cleaning for Children

Children oftentime have trouble cleaning their derrière properly. Luckily, TUSHY helps clean their behinds hygienically and thoroughly. Plus, you don’t want your kid to be the one that smells like butts, right?

Beneficial for Men

Anal hygiene is for everyone, even men. So no more swamp ass, dingleberries clinging to your booty hairs, or skidmarks.

Wrapping Things Up

When it comes down to the question of what are the benefits of using a bidet, the answer is clear. Bidets clean better than toilet paper, are eco-friendly, cost-efficient, comfortable,hygienic, and overall easier to use.

The only question is why don’t you own one already? Luckily we have you covered! The TUSHY line of bidet attachments offers an affordable way to spray your butt in style. Choose from the TUSHY Classic affordable bidet attachment or the TUSHY Spa warm water bidet attachment.