The Best Undies For A Clean Butt

Corin Wells | 25 Mar, 2019

The Best Undies For A Clean Butt

Who needs pants with undies like this?!

SO you got a TUSHY. Now you need undies fit for the butt of Royal. Shinesty has a new underwear subscription service so you can keep your underwear game fresh. Have you ever considered getting underwear in the mail? I mean, it’s kind of genius if you think about it. So we tried out Shinesty’s.  Here were our favorites.

Welcome to the Bun Jungle

Salute your shorts

Butt o' Gold


Shinesty's underwear are breathable

$10 to start your boxer subscription: Tushy10


$5 to start your thong subscription: Tushy5

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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