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TUSHY Travel

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Red, White, and Doo Doo

01 Jul, 2017

Yankee D(oo)dle Dandy

This Fourth of July, ditch your disposable utensils and dishware and instead breakout the good stuff that can be washed and reused. After all, how many time does America turn 241! Or if you don’t want be stuck inside washing dishes try these nifty biodegradable utensils. Not only will this save you time in the clean-up process (and give yourself more time to shove grilled foods down your throat), but it’ll also save you money - oh… now you wanna listen? Mmhmm. The United States spends about 40 billion dollars each year on waste disposal, so save yourself some money this year by throwing away less. Last but not least, throw the best rager with nature and host your Party in the USA outside in order to reduce the amount and cost of energy that would be necessary for an indoor party.

America the Bootyful

We all associate the Fourth with extravagant firework shows, but we often forget the fact that those pretty sky bombs lead to poor air quality as the combustion cloud of fireworks contains many harmful fumes and toxic dusts. Because of that, scientists are working on finding more eco-friendly alternatives to Potassium perchlorate and cerium nitrate - these are two main ingredients found in fireworks (also my EDM DJ name) and they are terrible for the environment and cause problems to the heart, lungs, and respiratory system. The Walt Disney company, for example, has opted to using compressed air for their fireworks instead of gunpowder. If you do(o) plan on participating this year, keep in mind that it’s better to go to your local firework show instead of creating your own. A reduction in personal fireworks reduces pollution overall. It also reduces the potential for personal injury. Don't blow up your face, you look too good not to have one.

Home of the free, land of the dirty butts

It’s no secret that animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gas emissions than transportation. Our carnivorous cravings also contribute to deforestation as more and more forests are being cleared out to meat (ha!) our demands. Yes, I get it. “We human. We put animal in tumtum. Yum.” But why not throw some veggie tables on the grill this Fourth of July and swap your hot dogs and burgers with these veggie options. Not only will your body thank you but so will Mama Earth. She'll be happy you're eating your greens.