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Reader’s Digestion

24 Aug, 2017

  1. You Blocked Me!

Not pooping for days can make your butthole feel like the hoover dam holding back a ton of cheese bricks from that wine and cheese night you hosted a week ago. This guys knows what I’m talking about. Constipation can range from being a major inconvenience to a life threatening issue.  A recent survey showed that 16 percent of Americans suffer from chronic constipation. So imagine a small sophisticated rager with 25 of your friends. 4 of those friends are having a terrible time because they can’t poop! Since 1997, the number of people admitted to the hospital for constipation has more than doubled. So what causes these issues with our digestive health that lead to chronic constipation?  There are a combination of constipation culprits (say that 5 times fast) including but not limited to lack of fiber and fluids in your diet, certain medications and previous constipation. Sometimes constipation can begat even more constipation! A very effective way to alleviate constipation is to train your body on when to poop. Make your poop times a habit. Visit the porcelain god a half an hour after a big meal twice a day, and sit. No pressure. Just chill out a play some Candy Crush and don’t force it . If nothing happens, keep it moving. Training the brain, the tummy and booty muscles, rather than using laxatives, is the best way to get those bowels moving.

  1. “Manure Couture”

This Fall’s latest fashion trends are plaids, patterns and… poop? Dutch artist and entrepreneur Jalila Essaidi, has developed a new textile, Mestic, that she refers to as “manure couture.” I know this sounds like an SNL Stefan bit, but it’s TRUE. Essaidi was one of five fashion innovators awarded the Global Change Award by the H&M Foundation, celebrating sustainability through “game-changing ideas” that will contribute to the revamping of the fashion industry. Mestic is made from the cellulose found in the dry components of cow poop which also contain acids necessary “to transform the cellulose into a new material,” she explained. “I just want people to give a shit about the planet,” Essaidi stated. So do we!!

  1. The Fight for Clean Sanitation

Currently, Yemen is experiencing one of the worst outbreaks of cholera in it’s history. Cholera is a severe life-threatening bacterial disease caused by drinking contaminated water. In Yemen alone, around 500,000 people have been afflicted with cholera this year, almost 2,000 of whom have died. Globally there are more than 800 million people on Earth living without access to a safe water supply due to poor sanitation practices and lack of infrastructure. Join TUSHY in the fight against the Global Sanitation Crisis. Every purchase of a Tushy provides a family of 7 with one month access to clean community toilets built by Samagra, a company that provides life-improving, value added services to the urban poor in rural India. The Global Sanitation Crisis isn’t just a problem for them. It’s a problem for all of us.