Let’s just sit back and unwind on your behind

Corin Wells | 22 Jun, 2017

Summah, Summah, Summah Time

1. Marco! P(o)olo!

The Festival Solstice marks the beginning of an important time in the lives of humans across the Northern Hemisphere. On longest day of the year, we celebrate the arrival of the one true God that we all worship...SUMMER! Before you run off to the nearest public pool with your floating swan and SPF90, you miiiight want to just go to the beach or lay under a sprinkler instead. A study released by the CDC indicated that a large number of public swimming pools may be contaminated with fecal matter. I think it’s safe to say that most places teaming with mini humans are contaminated with fecal matter but that’s beside the point. This is usually due to improper hygiene methods and also that kid Clark who just thinks it’s funny to crap in the pool. Either way, you can do your part in making sure you’re not leaving any floaters around.

2. Polluted Water Popsicles (Poopsicles?) (Too much?)

From first glance, these frozen suckers look like a masterpiece; an artisanal chilled treat that one could expect from only the finest organic, farm to cone Mr. Frosty in Brooklyn. But don’t be fooled! Though these popsicles may have the similar appearance to popular health drinks such as chia juice, or kombucha, they are actually made from over 100 different polluted water sources in Taiwan. This project was created by a few design students from the National Taiwan University in association with the Polluted Water Popsicle project. After taking water samples from each location and freezing them into popsicles, they were artfully recreated into identical resin sculptures, allowing the world to reimagine water pollution in a totally new way. Unwrap these if you dare (but remember to dispose of the wrapper in the proper receptacle so it doesn’t wind up in your nearest body of water please. You might end up eating it.)

3. Wiper, No Wiping!

‘Murrica, we are juggernauts in the global technology market. I mean, just last year, Nike invented shoes that tie themselves, because we are obviously too busy inventing things to tie our own shoes. However, in the area of bathrooms and hygiene, we’re so stuck in the 1800’s and v far behind (insert pun here).. About 70-75% of the world’s population does not use toilet paper. Here’s why. On average, people use at least 57 sheets of toilet paper per day or 27 rolls per person annually, adding up to 384 trees in a lifetime. That’s an entire ecosystem you’ve smeared with your lone butt. Have you seen Fern Gully?! The environmental effects aren’t even the tip of the iceberg. Toilet paper contains a small amount of BPA: Bisphenol A which is linked to infertility, heart disease and the Big C. Now before you spiral into a panic and start throwing you toilet paper into bonfires, just consider making a switch to TUSHY

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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