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Fun Valentine's Day Ideas For You and Your Boo...ty

05 Feb, 2019

Valentine’s Day may be a capitalist ploy made by the greeting card industry but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it! Whether you’re single, boo’d up or “in a weird thing", there are plenty of fun valentine’s day ideas to make the super special for you and the b-hole you love.  

What to Doo when You're a Single Dingle

Sometimes the best company is no company at all. Treat yourself to a night in. There’s nothing like a little self-care. Light some candles, run yourself a bath, do a face mask, order in from your favorite take-out place and veg out. TUSHY Bath Towels are perfect for lounging around and feeling like the royalty you are.

After all, no one can love YOU like you do.


What to Doo with Your Butt Buddy

Go out with your besties and dare I say… karaoke? Or how about an escape room? Oh, oh, oh, you could to a wine tasting class! Honestly, anything you do with your crew is going to be a great time. The only thing that could make it better would be if you guys matched... Holy shit, you can! Your whole squad can show up in style with “Ask me about my butthole” T-shirts from TUSHY. Issa fashion statement.

fun valentine's day ideas

What to Doo with You Boo

Be honest. It doesn't matter what you do with your SO, because you’re both thinking about one thing: getting home and making whoopie! It is the day to express your love, right. All the rest is just pomp and circumstance, so enjoy each other. And if things get real freaky naughty, the TUSHY bidet is perfect for making you both feel fresh before and after sexy times round 1-19. 

Whoever your Valentine is, give them a gift that will make their butt feel like the special upside-down heart it is.