Do(o) something nice for Dad

Alex Lobo | 13 Jun, 2017

Do(o) something nice for Dad

Don't get dad socks again for Father's Day... gift him these goodies for his quiet...

Do(o) something nice for Dad

13 Jun, 2017

Father’s Day: A day in which the patriarch of the household is showered with meaningless gifts and fed undercooked pancakes until he can retreat to the solitude of his sacred space. His bathroom. The Lord over his kingdom, he can do what he wants, when he wants and most importantly where he wants which is normally atop his Porcelain Throne. Why do dads love bathrooms so much? Because that’s where they can escape, unbothered by the petty quibbles of his subjects. No “Dad, I borrowed the car last night and I don’t remember where I put it.” Or “Honey, that raccoon is outside again, should I invite it in?” Or “Daddyyyy. Hi. Hi. Hi. (3 hours and 4 aspirin later) Hi. Hi. Hi.” No, sir. Not today. Today he can escape to his safe space where he can figuratively...and literally flush his cares away. So, for Father’s Day, why not get him a few things that will help make his Bath Cave a bit more special.

Dad’s love their cars and I bet if cars had a toilet, your Dad would never leave his 2014 Nissan Maxima. Unless you’re Xzibit and you're rebooting Pimp My Ride for MTV, you can give him the best of both worlds and  trick out his bathroom with these mirror windshield wipers.




Science tells us that once a man becomes a father, he is genetically predisposed to love playing golf. It's in his DNA. So why not give him a chance to practice his backswing off the green and on the pot with a Potty Putter.  




I mean, what is a King without his loyal subjects? But not everyone can enter his quarters when he’s doing his official business. Only the most trustworthy and bravest can handle ...whatever is going on in there. That’s why your Dad needs this knight of the round bowl by his side while he’s fulfilling his… Dooties.


But for when his knight and the TP have fallen short and can’t get the job done, give your dad the royal treatment with TUSHY. Cleaner, environmentally safer, and way cooler than toilet paper, Tushy is a great gift for any dad who loves spending time… and even an entire day in the bathroom.


Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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