Are you Beach Booty Ready?

Corin Wells | 07 May, 2021

Are you Beach Booty Ready?

TUSHY’s booty experts toiled all winter to perfect a step-by-step plan to get your body...

Are you Beach Booty Ready?

07 May, 2021

TUSHY’s booty experts toiled all winter to perfect a step-by-step plan to get your body ready for the beach. Ready? Brace yourself.

Step 1: Have a body

Step 2: Go to the beach

Every body is already a beach body. There’s no 21-day plan between you and your swimsuit. Your body is currently 100% ready for a public outing. Take your top off!

Let it be known: we are leaving behind the days of laboring over a beach body. Like… Your body got you through a literal plague. It’s a good body. Give it sun. Period.

Ok, yes, pandemic weight gain is a thing. The Quarantine 19 (or 5 or 35) hit all of us. Wait, we’re checking the numbers… Ok. So it only hit most of us. Research finds that 61% of Americans put on some pounds during the past year. TBH, 61% seems low! Kudos to the 39%, we see you! 

If you’re in camp Covid pounds, it’s because your behaviors changed to survive a literal pandemic. The new behaviors that got you thicc (which, we honestly love on you!) were normal reactions to the change in circumstances. Things like snacking more. Sleeping less. Stressing more. Not working out, ya know, in the public places where you could catch Covid, or the gym that’s closed. This is all “New Normal” sh*t. Oh, and, the pandemic isn’t over yet, unfortch. 

So. Can we cut ourselves and our “wait these pants don’t button” bods some slack. Yes! We can. 100% yes. Ok, so you’re bigger than you were. Volumptuous, let’s say. Here’s why we don’t want you to rush to change your body for swimsuit season: 

For one, diets diets rarely work in the long term. And dieting can actually hurt your health. Sure, being thin and staying thin is correlated with good health. But intentional weight loss is actually linked with health issues

Did you catch that? There’s lots of evidence that hopping off and on diets can hurt your health in the long-run. And diet culture runs right parallel to disordered eating. Diet culture really sucks eggs!

Also! You’re actually more likely to sustain healthy habits if you don’t focus on weight. Reducing weight shaming may actually help people sustain healthy habits

If weight shaming and hardcore dieting doesn’t help people’s health, why is it so widespread? Well, diets are a $72 billion industry. That’s the same size as the video streaming industry! Netflix and Hulu and Disney+ and Amazon Prime and and and… That’s huge! These diet industry assh*les are smart. They are stealthy. And they don’t make money off of you feel dope as f*ck, which you obviously are. They make money when you feel like you need to spend on your bod.

So what is the alternative to diet culture? Thank you for asking. You are curious, and it’s very cute!

Cue: the Health at Every Size movement. This new paradigm celebrates body diversity and advocates for compassionate self-care. The keys: finding the joy in moving your body, and eating in a way that values pleasure and honors your internal cues of hunger and fullness. In short, move ya body-ody, shake ya body-ody and feed ya body-ody. 

Enjoy ya body-ody! Ody!

Now, if you’re drawing a blank on how to move your body joyfully, we’ve got you. Stretch. Take a stroll around the neighborhood. Dance in your kitchen. Um, sex if you’re lucky enough to be partaking in these touch-starved times.

And remember -- body insecurity starts in the mind. For some reason, our media acts like fat bodies aren’t normal, when actually -- we’re the silent, thick majority. We encourage you to feed your brain with positive images of fat people. Normalizing body diversity in your social media feed will help your brain get used to fatness as a neutral state. Or a very sexy one. Honestly, we routinely just devour Lizzo’s thirsty Instagram feed to the face! 

If you want to do squats for summer, babe, we love that for you. But we care more about you feeling joyful in your body and in your life. 

So, let’s go to the beach! Don’t forget your TUSHY Travel

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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