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Start your day with a balanced breakfast and a healthy poop.


  1. Go with the Flow

Fall semesters are starting across the U.S. and kids and college students have gone from this to this in a matter of days. Heading back to those knowledge factories we call colleges and universities can be anxiety inducing. Did you know that stress can affect your digestion? Constantly being on the run can literally give you the runs. “Many people have that experience where stress causes irregularity of their bowels,” Kyle Staller, M.D., M.P.H., a gastroenterologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Because your brain and your tum are constantly communicating with each other, your emotions and anxiety have a direct effect on your bowels. Stress has been known to complicate digestive diseases like IBS. The best way to avoid stress poops is to be mindful of what you eat when you’re stressed. Replace that late night cram session pizza with foods that regulate your bowels and settle your stomach.

Track and Field Event: Po(o)le Vault


  1. Go Stronger for Longer with P(o)owerade

Trying to make the tennis team this year? Want to get get a jump shot like Kobe or a backswing like Tiger? Drink their poop! That’s right. Sports drinks being developed might contain a new ingredient: bacteria for elite athletes’ poop! A team of microbiologists is developing a brand that will purify bacteria of athletes and then market them as probiotic supplements. After analyzing stool samples from athletes participating in the 2015 Boston Marathon and the 2016 Summer Olympics, scientists found a higher percentage of two types of bacteria that they believe will boost the energy and performance of non-athletes. I’ll take an ice cold Serena Williams-ade please.


I schedule all of my poops


  1.  Attention Class, It’s Time for a Poop Quiz!

What’s going to give your booty the confidence it needs to conquer this school year? That’s a no brainer. It’s TUSHY of course. But we know that preparing to head back to school isn’t always that simple. We get it. You’re still daydreaming about music festival hook ups and developing your artistic tan lines. Of course, school is the furthest thing from your mind right now which is why TUSHY wants to help set you up for success. When everything starts to feel like it’s too much, remember that it’s ok to focus on you for a little bit. Take a self inventory every month and give yourself a chance to recharge. Relax your mind. Take care of your body. And keep that booty clean with TUSHY. When you clean with TUSHY after every poop, you feel ready to take on any challenge those professors throw at you.

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