Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Guide

TUSHY Admin | 26 Apr, 2021

Mother's day gifts

As always, we want to encourage sustainable, Earth-friendly picks (without compromising a luxe feel). These...

Mother's day gifts

The big day for all-things-Mom is coming up on Sunday, May 9th. After a year of trials, it’s an especially nice moment to show thanks to the maternal figures in your life. 

Sure, breakfast in bed shows mom you care. But if your love language is more presents than pancakes, we’ve got you covered with this gift round up. As always, we want to encourage sustainable, Earth-friendly picks (without compromising a luxe feel). These five thoughtful, sustainable gifts will help you show your mom gratitude, all while being kind to Mother Earth.

Coyuchi Cloud Loom Organic Robe ($148)

Coyuchi robe

Giving mom a robe the standard. Actually such a go-to mom gift that SNL roasted the robe at Christmas. But. Classics are classics for a reason. And it’s a new season. Robe season. 

Give mom the gift she may be expecting but will certainly love: a luxe, organic cotton, shawl-collared robe from Coyuchi. The sustainable linen brand goes above and beyond with it’s cotton products. They aren’t just Organic; they reach the Global Organic Textile Standard, the top certification for eco-friendly and socially responsible practices at every step of the textile supply chain. It’s also certified “Made Safe,” meaning the product is free from 6500 ingredients that may harm human health. Super duper safe for Mom (and Mother Earth)! 

And it’s comfy as f*ck. You can’t go wrong.

A New Plant Friend

We hate to generalize but… moms low-key love orchids. Sure, a floral bouquet is lovely and traditional. And compostable! But the more sustainable pick is to give your mom the chance to exercise her green thumb with a new potted plant. House plants are truly a gift that keeps on giving. They improve your home’s air quality and help create a calming atmosphere that boosts your brain function. It’s almost like you’re gifting mom with an oasis.

Actual orchids are stunners, but a little high maintenance. If that’s not a great option for your mom, opt for a lower-maintenance plant a la Pothos, Philodendron, Fiddle-leaf Fig or a Peace Lily. There are lots of easy-to-maintain house plants, and this article will help you pick. If you’re looking for a great delivery option, here’s a list of the best online plant delivery services. We trust Good Housekeeping with pretty much all things mom. And plants!

Liberte Pot Candle from Prosperity ($28) 

These essential oil-scented candles are hand poured to order, with 9 fragrance options and six bright spring pot patterns to choose from. 

And this gift doesn’t end when the wax burns down. Each candle comes with wildflower seed paper that can be planted in the patterned vessel, transforming it into a flower pot well-suited for a window sill. We love that this candle comes with a plan for its next use. Also, Prosperity Candle is a social enterprise that supports female refugees and artisans; each candle arrives with a card about the woman artisan who made it. This gift just gives over and over!

A Hot Little Two-Wheeler

Have vaccine, will bike! After a highly domestic year, gifting your mom a bicycle is like giving her a free ride to health and well-being. And it’s an eco-friendly pick, since it’s a carbon-free method of transportation. 

The most sustainable way to buy is second hand. Check out local second-hand shops and co-ops in your area. Buying local helps keep local businesses open, and saves on the impact of shipping. If you can’t find a good option in-person, head online. Check out Ebay, searching first for highly-rated sellers that have free local pickup (which will help you save on shipping!).

If you’re still seeking some bike brand recs, check out this comprehensive list from the sustainable living guides at The Good Trade.

Mosaic Photo Book ($20)

Nothing says “I really planned this year” like a custom photo book. 

Why Mixbook? Well, for one -- Mosaic is “exceedingly easy to use, and you don’t have to put your phone down,” says The Strategist. Simply select 20 pictures and the app will magic them into a cute-as-hell keepsake book with a geometric cover. In just four days, a small bound volume of expertly-printed photos will be in your brilliant-at-gifting hands.

We’ll admit, this one isn’t particularly sustainable, but this photo book topped the best-of lists at NY Times’ The Wirecutter, so you can’t deny this one is a quality mom’s day gift. While we’re on the topic, if you generally want to practice more sustainable book gifting, there are primo some tips here

It’s The Thought That Counts

At the end of the day, May 9th is about celebrating your mom. Whether you opt for a bike, a candle or a thoughtful card, just do what you need to show your mom that you care. And for the mom who has everything, there’s no better gift than a TUSHY Spa

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