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Are Bidets Sanitary? The Answer May Surprise You

18 Jun, 2020

When you think of a bidet, what's the first thing that comes to mind? If your vision involves you, a bidet, and an upside-down Niagra Falls hosing your rear end with a torrent of poopy water splattering everywhere then you are not alone.

Somewhere deep in the American psyche, there is a slight uneasiness bordering on fear of what it would be like to use a bidet. Well, we're going to try and dispel some of the myths and common misconceptions about bidets – especially around whether or not bidets are sanitary to use.

Butt, (and this is a big butt) before I show you the evidence of bidets as the supreme method for cleaning your b-hole after you poo let's settle the bidet vs toilet paper controversy once and for all.

Bidets vs Toilet Paper: Which is More Sanitary?

The answer is clear. Bidets are far and away the most sanitary option when it comes to cleaning yourself after using the restroom. This comes down to the fact that bidets use a targeted stream of water to gently WASH away fecal matter, dirt, and grime rather than smearing it around like toilet paper does.

Not only is toilet paper ineffective at cleaning your b-hole, it can cause a whole host of problems including perpetuating urinary tract infections (UTIs), irritating hemorrhoids, causing anal fissures, and causing damage to plumbing.

All these problems can be averted by using a bidet. If you like residual stool and bacteria clinging to your bunghole then, by all means, stick with a roll of toilet paper. Otherwise, the answer is clear. Bidets are sanitary, easy to use, and promote a healthy, happy anus.

5 Additional Benefits of Bidets

People are prone to judgment about almost anything; wearing socks with sandals, liking Justin Bieber's music, or eating Spam (don't knock it till you try it!) The same goes for bidets. For some reason, people have misconceptions about bidets, particularly as to how sanitary they are. The truth is that bidets are far more sanitary than wiping your bum with crumpled paper. Not quite convinced yet? Here are five additional benefits that prove bidets are the best way to clean your bum.

#1. Bidets are Clean and Sanitary

Bidets work by shooting a stream of water directly at your private parts as accurately as an expert marksman shoots a target. This means no wasted water and no messy pile of wet toilet paper to flush and clog your toilet. 

As far as sanitation is concerned, think about it this way; if a bird pooped on you would you wipe it off or wash it off? Unless you like crusty bird doo-doo then the obvious answer is that you wash it off. Rather than smearing caca all over your rear end, bidets actually remove the waste entirely leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.

#2: Bidets Are Now Affordable

Once upon a time, yes, bidets could be quite pricey but it's 2020 and now there are bidets for every budget. Not only are bidets much more affordable today, but there are also a variety of different types of bidets. There are traditional bidets, bidet seats, portable bidets, and bidet attachments.

One of the most popular ways of incorporating a bidet into your daily routine is to purchase a bidet attachment. These nifty devices can be installed directly onto your existing toilet giving you the benefits of a traditional bidet at a fraction of the cost. The Tushy Spa is an example of a premium bidet attachment and at $119, pays for itself due to its cost and health benefits.

#3: You Don’t Need a Plumber to Install a Bidet

Nowadays you can purchase a bidet seat or bidet attachment which can easily be installed with minimal tools and know-how. Bidet attachments such as the Tushy Spa are incredibly simple to install - in fact, we’ve created a diagram on the Tushy Spa page showing you how to install a bidet attachment in just a matter of minutes. 

#4: Bidets Are For Everyone

While bidets are super useful for women (think pregnancy, during your period, etc.), everyone can benefit from using a bidet. That includes young people, elderly people, people with mobility issues, people with anal fissures or hemorrhoids, people concerned for the environment, and certainly for anyone that just wants to feel nice and clean after every #2. 

#5: Owning a Bidet is Actually Cheaper than Using Toilet Paper

Never mind the big toilet paper propaganda – bidets are hands down the cheaper alternative when you look at your toilet habits over time. Yes, there is a bit of an upfront cost, but the savings over time will have you doing your happy dance (on the toilet of course). Hyperbole aside, consider this: the average American spends around $120 a year on toilet paper which is a lot of money to be flushing down the toilet (literally). With a Tushy Spa warm water bidet costing $119, you could break even the first year alone while also preventing the hassle of toilet clogs and helping the environment in the process.

Wrapping Things Up

I hope by now you’ve come to the conclusion that bidets are nothing to fear as they are perfectly sanitary and represent mankind's greatest achievement in the realm of butt cleaning. Bidets have already become one of the most trending products in 2020 after-sales exploded amidst the toilet paper shortages caused by COVID-19. As more people start to realize the benefits of washing vs wiping, this trend will only continue. So why not be an early trendsetter? Check out the affordable Tushy Classic or luxurious Tushy Spa today!