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From Squats to the Pot: 5 Exercises to Help you Poop

12 Sep, 2017

Every now and then our bodies refuse to cooperate with us and pooping seems a near-impossible task. Whether it be medication or lactose intolerance, constipation can creep up on you and make your butthole feel like Alcatraz. Nothing is getting out. Whether you’re a gym rat or the occasional brisk walker or a couch squatter, you’ll be sure to benefit from the following list of exercises for constipation. These moves are sure to get your blood pumping and your poop flowing.

1. Jump Squats (Cardio)

Squats are already an effective method for loosening those bowels, but adding a jump can help increase the downward force on poop. Keeping your knees aligned with your ankles, squat down. On your way up, lift your body into a jump using your abdomen to lift your torso. A few reps of these will get you a date with your toilet seat (and TUSHY) in no time. Another way to squat is to use the TUSHY Ottoman toilet stool. This nifty little device helps align your colon by putting you into a squatting position while using the toilet. Who knew squats could be this easy?

2. Forward Lunge (Pelvic Floor Exercise)

Much like squats, lunges instigate that downward flow of all that built up BM in your gut. Keep a steady and consistent momentum during your lunge reps. Also, make sure you maintain good form and posture. Keep your back straight and your knees above your ankles to open up your hips.

3. Wind Relieving Pose (Yoga)

The name is a pretty good indicator of what this pose is for. I guarantee you’ll fart every time you do this. You carry a lot of tension in your abdominals and pelvis when you can’t drop a deuce. Stretching your pelvic muscles can help relieve that tension and your bowels.

4. Good Ole’ Fashioned Jogging (Cardio)

If you’ve ever jogged with a colon full of poo, you know how hard it is to keep your booty clenched on the journey. Pounding the pavement sends your poop toward the exit sign, and you may have to take a break to go #2 along the way. If a jog isn’t helping, pick up the pace and take off into a full run. That way, you’ll get to a bathroom faster because that poop is definitely on its way out.

5. Seated Meditation (Yoga)

A lot of times constipation is brought on by stress. Relieving constipation can be as simple as taking a minute to just breathe and meditate. Now, take a deep breath in…do you smell something?

You can use these exercises to restore regular bowel movements anytime you feel constipation creeping in. Now take a break from that killer set and go poop. Be sure to wash with a TUSHY bidet attachment when you’ve gotten it all out. The only thing better than a healthy bowel movement is a clean happy butt.