How to Clean A Toilet and Why It Matters

Corin Wells | 08 Apr, 2021

How to Clean A Toilet and Why It Matters

When is the last time you cleaned your toilet? Bet you didn’t clean the toilet...

How to Clean A Toilet and Why It Matters

08 Apr, 2021

Women Cleaning Toilet

In regards to domestic bliss, there’s an age-old adage: “happy wife, happy life.” Here at TUSHY we’re coining a new, more universal household axiom: happy throne, happy home. 

Let’s be honest. Even if you have a home office, the toilet is where you really do your business. Doing #2 is a daily task that deserves a clean seat. And there’s a right (and wrong!) way to watch, er, wash the throne. 

To keep everything clean and copasetic (and not-at-all septic!), you need to clean right. Here are our top tricks to keep your toilet so fresh and so clean clean.

How to Clean A Toilet Bowl

The toilet bowl is, how should we say... where the cookie crumbles. Here’s how to tackle the basin of your bowel bowl.

What You Will Need

Esteemed cleaning magazine machine The Spruce lays it out like this: you need 

  • Rubber gloves
  • Toilet brush
  • Eye protection
  • Toilet cleaner
  • All-purpose spray cleaner
  • Paper towels or cloths

Scrub that Bowl

First off, remove everything from around the toilet. A good scrub may cause splashes of cleaner and toilet water, which will add another clean-up to the clean. Skip the extra step by preparing the area, which includes taking tissues, sea shells, and other sundries off the tank lid.

From there, don your rubber gloves. Then you’ll go for a first flush, after which you can add your cleaning solution. No wrong type of cleaning product here! Powder, liquid and gel all work. Tip: keep the cleaner as close to the rim as possible to help boost the impact of the product, instead of letting it go to waste in the water.

While you let the product do it’s work, you can clean the exterior of the bowl. An all-purpose cleaner will work wonders. It’s also a good time to mop the floor around the toilet, aka the splash zone. Then clean your toilet seat! Raise that tuckus seat, spray in and around it, wipe it clean.

Now is time to polish the basin. Start from the top down, scrubbing the rim first. Get in there with a toilet brush, and give some elbow grease to the drain hole opening. Flush the toilet with the lid down. You’re nearly done! Are we having fun?!

Don’t Forget to Clean the Toilet Tank!

About twice per year, you’re going to give the toilet tank a good scrub. For this, you’ll need the following tools: Long-handled scrub brush; Sponge; Rubber gloves (optional); Distilled white vinegar; and Disinfectant cleaner. 

Turn off the water valve and empty the tank by flushing the toilet. Spray the tank with a disinfectant, allow the cleaner to work 10 minutes before scrubbing. Use the long-handled brush to get at the grime. Note: do not use your toilet bowl brush! That has a risk of cross-contaminating the tank. Use the fresh sponge to clean the tank’s gear, including ball float, flapper, handle chain, tubes and other components. Then turn the water valve back on and allow the tank to refill. Flush a couple times to clean off the cleaner and you’re good to go!

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Toilet and Bathroom Clean

Toilet cleaning isn’t the sexiest subject, but neither is washing your butt or junk! And still, you best believe -- if you don’t do it, you’re gonna notice. It’s simply best to stay fresh as hell! Here are a few reasons why:

Get Rid of Illness Causing Bacteria

Some little nasties can live on bathroom surfaces for up to a week or more :/

We’re talking stomach bugs, bacteria, fungi and viruses like staph. Yikes! It makes sense, since bacteria thrives in warm, damp environments. The last thing we want is to get sick off our toilets. Keep the area clean to optimize your health.

Your Guests Will Thank You

Stinky, understocked or visibly grimy bathrooms are a turn off. Give your guests the benefit of a comfortable bathroom experience. Hey, light a candle! Nothing wrong with giving your friends a bougie bathroom experience. Clean is the absolute minimum.

Better Breathing, Mold-Free

Bathrooms can accumulate mold and dust, which can contribute to breathing trouble. If you have asthma or other recurring lung issues (hello long-Covid symptoms!), you’ll want to keep your bathroom especially clean.

How Often Should You Clean Your Toilet?

If we’re talking a perfect world? A daily wiping of your bathroom helps decrease surface bacteria and other pathogens by a long shot. According to Merry Maids, cleaning your toilet once or twice a week is ideal. Think about how often you clean your kitchen, and think about how much more frequently you defile your bathroom. For your tank, you only need to give a good scrub about twice a year, which is a big step up from our current never.

Tips to Prevent Toilet Bowl Stains

Distilled white vinegar is your best bet for standard simple cleaning. Using half a cup of vinegar in the toilet for a few minutes, followed by a scrub, will help you get a good clean. For toilet bowl stains, there are three main culprits: hard water, mildew and mold. For the first, make a paste of borax and vinegar and scrub scrub scrub. With mildew, simple vinegar should do the trick. Mold may need expert help, since some molds are more toxic than our last school boyfriend (huge fan of Joe Rogan, unfortch).

Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Ongoing cleaning is a lifestyle. To keep your home (and especially your throne) clean, a weekly cleaning schedule may help. Frequent cleans make the work easier in the long run. If you aren’t already in a cleaning routine, you can start by getting some supplies. People with clean homes have systems in place, and this is a learnable skill. Remember why you’re doing this (motivation helps us stay committed to our goals), and keep your head up. You’ve got this! 

Your TUSHY Loves a Clean Toilet!

No one loves cleaning and butts more than TUSHY. If you want to create a sustainable and fresh culture in your bathroom, consider getting aTUSHY warm water bidet attachment in the mix. Nothing says clean like a butt fountain :)

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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