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Clean on the go!

TUSHY Travel

TUSHY Travel

Completely portable and simple to use - no batteries required.



TUSHY Ottoman Offer

TUSHY Ottoman

You're cleaning the right way, you should poop the right way!


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Pro Tips

If you have a hard pipe - not a flexible steel hose - connecting your toilet to the water supply...

TIP: Bathroom fixtures usually connect to water supply valves with flexible steel hoses because those hoses easily adapt to any fixture. Got a hard pipe instead? We’ve got ya covered. Replace the pipe between your toilet and water supply with the Stainless Steel Braided Hose for Toilet Connections before installing TUSHY. We show you how to do that right here.

If you have a quick-release toilet seat with toilet seat mounts...

TIP: No problem! There’s a super easy fix. Just remove those toilet seat mounts and place them on top of the TUSHY. Once they’re reattached above the TUSHY, you can place the toilet seat back onto the mounts!

Still confused? All good! We put together these videos for you. :)

If you can’t reach your toilet tank connection or you don’t have enough room for the mega adapter to fit under your toilet...

TIP: No big deal! You have a beautiful and unique, non-standard water supply connection. Replace the plastic mega adapter with a Brass Mini Adapter for 3/8" Connections. We also put together a little installation video for you! Check it out here.

If you have a leak...

TIP: If you are experiencing leaks from the plastic mega adapter or the steel hose connection to the water port on the underside of the TUSHY console  your connection is likely cross threaded. This means that when it was screwed on it jumped a thread, and thus cannot seal tightly, or perhaps your existing connections (and their threading) just aren’t getting along. 

Remember: ALWAYS turn off the water supply valve before investigating a drip or leak!

Detach and re-attach the connections in question. When you reconnect the hose and the adapter you should be able to give those three to four full turns before they are tightly sealed. If after a few twists you can’t turn it anymore, you’ve likely cross threaded it, so back up and try to screw it on perfectly straight. A common mistake is to over-tighten here. Don’t do it! Finger-tight is just right.

If you’re still experiencing leaks after that, you may use plumbing tape to seal the connection, but go lightly as sometimes this can exacerbate leaks. Here’s what to do!
If you’re still leaking after all that, please reach out to our helpful TUSHY Poo-rus who are eager to help! Reach us at

If your toilet seat doesn’t sit quite right...

TIP: If you can share a picture with, that may help us diagnose your problem. Generally, the seat flaring up is due to a seat's concave shape getting caught on the TUSHY. Please first make sure that the seat is all the way forward and the TUSHY is all the way back which might solve that issue if it exists.

You could use a lil spacer that is something like this. It would lift the angle of the seat ever so slightly so that pesky hinge doesn't get in the way. They are super cheap at any hardware store. Just make sure the inner diameter is at least 3/8 of an inch which is how wide the toilet screws are.

If that doesn't do the trick you can try bumpers like these, which would adhere to the bottom of your toilet seat and make it sit flat when you sit down.

Adhesive Toilet Seat Bumpers

Alternatively, you could pick up a brand spankin' new seat. This one for round toilet bowls and this one for elongated toilet bowls.

If your TUSHY’s water stream sprays straight down...

TIP: Is your stream spraying straight down? No, not that stream, TUSHY's stream! If your pressure knob is set to Bum Wash and it's spraying down into the bowl, your nozzle cap must’ve fallen off!

Your TUSHY came with an extra nozzle cap in your spare parts kit, but if you've lost that grab a fresh one here.

If you have TUSHY 3.0 just keep turning! TUSHY 3.0 begins and ends each wash by rinsing the nozzle!

If your valves or flexible steel hose connection are stuck from the mineral buildup...

TIP: Fret not! Calcium and lime are not going to stand in the way of booty bliss.

Remember: Don't ever turn a valve too hard. A wrench should not be necessary. Try turning in quarter circles in both directions; that may loosen up the mineral buildup. Or, grab a towel to give yourself a bit more grip.

If more grip doesn't work, wipe that crusty rusty down with a wet rag and sudsy dish detergent. Still not working? Up the ante to vinegar and baking soda. Apply a paste to the problems and let stand for up to a half hour and scrub that ooky-gooky away with an old brush or sponge. Still won’t budge?! Try soaking a paper towel in vinegar and wrapping it around the enemy - let it stand for up to two hours, then rinse away.

If you have a hard pipe - not a flexible steel hose - connecting your sink to the water supply...

TIP: Replace the pipe between the warm water supply and your sink faucet, with the Stainless Steel Braided Hose for Sink Connections before installing TUSHY.

We show you how to do that right here.

If you can't install your sink connection on your TUSHY Spa...

TIP: No biggie. You can keep the TUSHY Spa and only use the cool water connection without a problem. This setup also provides you with flexibility if you want to use the TUSHY Spa in a future bathroom where you do have access to the sink's warm water connection.

If you find that you can’t connect your warm water connection you can use the Inlet Cap included in your TUSHY spare parts kit to seal off the warm water connection on the underside of the TUSHY console. We show you how to attach the inlet cap here

If you have a flushometer or wall-mounted toilet...

TIP: If you have a flushometer toilet that doesn't provide external access to a water supply connection, you can connect TUSHY to your sink's water supply instead! This TUSHY hack will work if your sink is within 9 feet of your toilet, just pick up a Flushometer Installation Kit

If your sink connection is further away or you are not in the US or Canada where 3/8” fittings are standard, please contact and we can tell you exactly what you need. We'll make sure you're all set. :) 

If your toilet seat bolts are too short to properly affix to the toilet after installing TUSHY...

TIP: Install longer toilet seat bolts that will accommodate the extra 1/2" that TUSHY adds to your seat setup.

You can order our Universal Top-Tightening Toilet Seat Screws that will work with most any toilet! These are also a great solution for skirted toilets when you can't easily access the nuts to replace them.