Spread The Love With These Conscious Valentine’s Day Gifts

Corin Wells | 09 Feb, 2021

Spread The Love With These Conscious Valentine’s Day Gifts

Yeah, Valentine’s Day is kind of a made-up holiday. But… so what? If there’s ever...

Spread The Love With These Conscious Valentine’s Day Gifts

09 Feb, 2021

We know this year hasn’t been kind to our waistlines or our relationships. But love has endured. Well, for some of us. 

Maybe you’re celebrating a long-held relationship that survived 2020’s myriad tests (Covid and otherwise). Or you may be in a budding relationship that began in quarantine -- you cuties are giving us grass growing through concrete vibes, which we love. 

And yeah, Valentine’s Day is kind of a made-up holiday. But… so what? If there’s ever been a time to celebrate the little things, this is the time! This is the place. And these, TUSHY friends, these are the gifts. 

Whether you’re buying for your long-term love, your new boo or (f*ck it!) yourself, consider these adorable, sustainable and sexy treats for your #1 person:

The Gift of A Sustainable Bouquet


Flowers are peak Valentine’s Day culture, and must be included in any gift guide for Cupid’s big day. If you want to wow your beloved, opt for the Big Love Burlap Wrapped Bouquet ($99). Handpicked from ethical farms and hand-assembled into a

sweet bouquet, this bunch of 35 stems are wrapped in burlap made from upcycled biodegradable coffee bags. It’s easy on the eyes and kind to the environment. 

If you want to make your gift even more sustainable, consider picking up a houseplant from your local nursery. Ah, we just love watching love bloom.

Photo: Farm Girl Flowers

The Gift Of Glamour

Kosas Weightless Lipstick ($28) is a beloved leader in the clean lipstick game. The formula is moisturizing and botanically-rich. And as beautiful as Kosas products look, they’re also said to improve your skin over time. 

You can’t go wrong with 11 gorgeous tones to choose from. But Electra, a cool red, is a “universally flattering” fan favorite. 

Photo: Kosas

The Gift of The World’s Softest Towels

Using a highly scientific touch test, we’ve determined the world’s softest towels: TUSHY’s bamboo baddies ($125). 100% organic and naturally microbial, these towels are made from bamboo -- a more renewable resource than cotton, so it’s also a gift for Mother Nature. (Never forget mom on Valentine’s Day!) 

Yes, this gift says “Here’s a luxurious experience for your entire body” and also “Let’s hop in the shower together rn.” 10/10 we recommend.

Photo: TUSHY

The Gift Of Unlimited Orgasms

Aer ($95) is the latest sex tech innovation for fans of oral stimulation. Designed by woman-owned, Brooklyn-based Dame Products, Aer creates a soft seal around the clit to simulate lip service. One beta tester called it a “no-nonsense orgasm machine.” C*mming till you’re cross-eyed? That’s a gift that keeps on giving, bb. 

If you’re more interested in partner play, consider Dame’s best-selling Eva II ($135). Both toys are eco-friendly, as is Dame’s Aloe Lube ($18). Enjoy :O

Photo: Dame Products

The Gift of Conversation Piece Candles

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional hand-poured Brooklyn candle. But these funky leg candles from DADA Daily are a trip. Equal parts paraffin and decor, Baby Won’t You Light My Leg Candles ($75) are a care-free conversation starter for your living room (or Zoom meeting background). Made to burn extra slow, the thigh and shin will eventually lay flat when done burning. 

If legs aren’t your thing, DADA Daily also makes an equally eccentric hand candle ($65). Careful, one finger is wickless, you’ll end up with a candle that gives you the bird. 

Either way, this gift is sure to light a fire :)

Photo: DADA Daily

The Gift of Quality Time

We can’t complete a sustainable gift guide without recommending… not buying any stuff. The most sustainable (and possibly wallet-friendly) gift is, ya know, doing stuff. Hand stuff… outdoors stuff… Whatever! 

Some ideas to get your juices going: redoing your first date; curating your own Valentine’s Day mixtape; stargazing.

If you want a little more structure to your date, consider picking up a skill together. Say, cooking? Cooking classes are available digitally in the comfort of your home. We can recommend Austin-based Le Petit Friday ($25 plus supplies) or Brooklyn Kitchen (sliding scale, $30-$450 plus supplies).

Rounding Up The Round Up

No single gift can tell someone how much you care. But the right V-Day present can give your beloved a feel for how deep your feelings flow. 

If there’s ever a year to celebrate love with the person who shares your TUSHY, this is the year. If you don’t have a TUSHY to share, then give yourself and your boo the gift of a TUSHY warm water bidet attachment.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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