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TUSHY Classic 3.0


Our best-selling bidet attachment.

TUSHY Spa 3.0


Our warm water bidet attachment.



Our remote-controlled electric bidet seat.

There’s a better way to doo things.

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Cleanest bum in town...all my friends want to join the TUSHY train after trying it. I feel like I’m achieving my highest a**pirations!

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I really doubted this but I am legitimately impressed and surprised by how much this makes the bathroom experience more enjoyable!

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I LOVE my TUSHY Toilet Brush. Love the chic, minimal design. Love that I can use a new compostable pad every time.

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Dry softer.

Pat dry with our organic, sustainable products.

Love the Bamboo TP as it's very absorbing, good for the environment, saves trees and water. Pat dry and you are done!

sue e.

“Rated the #1 bidet attachment.”

“Rated the #1 bidet attachment.”

100K+ 5-star reviews

Review by Keegan M <br> Real Pooping Human

“Can't believe as a human race we have been dry wiping for so long. Way quicker, cleaner feeling.”

Keegan M
Real Pooping Human
Review by nasser w. <br> real Pooping Human

“Easy to install and operate. My butt feels clean. I should have purchased one years ago. Love it.”

nasser w.
real Pooping Human
Review by jc c.<br>real Pooping Human

“This little doohickey shines my cinnamon ring good and proper. No more living like a troll while away from home.”

jc c.
real Pooping Human
Review by dana r.<br>real Pooping Human

“Love it actually! My favorite time of the day is the embrace of the warm seat in the morning.”

dana r.
real Pooping Human
Review by anonymous<br>real Pooping Human

“This is my first time owning a disposable brush, I’m so glad for this eco friendly option that does the job!”

real Pooping Human
Review by anonymous<br>real Pooping Human

“Very fast shipping. Super easy to install. Doesn’t look bulky or out of place, blends in great. Easy to use, don’t know how we lived without it!”

real Pooping Human
Review by alex m.<br>real Pooping Human

“Just installed, very simple and easy to use. Now I’m definitely not allowed to bring my phone to the washroom, I’d be there for hours!”

alex m.
real Pooping Human

Love from our biggest fan(nies)

We are on a mission to elevate poopers and the planet with the most innovative and sustainable toileting products.

Frequently asked questions

Bidets use the same clean water you brush your teeth with to wash your butt. Attachments and electric seats connect to your existing toilet/plumbing, while stand-alone bidets are installed beside your toilet. With the turn of a knob or press of a button, a fresh stream of water sprays your b-hole at the perfect angle. Instead of smearing or shedding TP, bidets wash away bacteria after you poop.

Neurotically, yes. Aside from hopping in the shower between toilet visits, bidets are THE most sanitary way to clean up after you poop. Even if you use wet wipes, you’re still smearing bacteria around and spreading it to your hands while subjecting your booty and the environment to harsh chemicals.

Read more in The Posterior:
Are Bidets Sanitary? The Answer May Surprise You

Step aside plumbers, the only butt crack needed around here is yours. You can totally install your TUSHY bidet in under 10 minutes. If you get stuck, 5-star, on-demand support is there to assist.

Only TUSHY Ace, our fancy pants electric bidet, requires access to an outlet. TUSHY Classic, TUSHY Spa, and TUSHY Travel do not use electricity.

Nope! That dewy booty is sparkling clean from a pressurized stream of fresh water. Simply pat dry with a towel or a few squares of regenerative bamboo toilet paper, you doo you. Washing with a bidet gets you two times cleaner than TP without the need to furiously wipe your sensitive booty skin.

TUSHY Ace, our electric bidet seat, has an air dryer to dry that derrière should you want to treat your bottom to the ultimate luxury.