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Our best-selling bidet attachment. 

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We made our best-selling bidet even better! The affordable TUSHY Classic 3.0 bidet cleans your butthole with fresh water, the same as your sink or shower. (Never the bowl!) Now with a slimmer design, easier installation and improved nozzle spraying.
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We made our best-selling bidet even better! The affordable TUSHY Classic 3.0 bidet cleans your butthole with fresh water, the same as your sink or shower. (Never the bowl!) Now with a slimmer design, easier installation and improved nozzle spraying.

Based on nearly 1 million real pooping humans’ reviews, The TUSHY Classic 3.0 gives you all the TUSHY signatures with mega upgrades. 

  • NEW  Patented Self Cleaning SmartSpray™ nozzle rinses before and after each use for a better clean. Automatically retracts when Classic 3.0 is turned off.
  • Easy install in 8 ½ minutes or less on most standard toilets. 
  • Universal fit on almost any toilet with adjustable seat fasteners that firmly secure your TUSHY between the toilet bowl and seat.
  • NEW Water pressure control, now choose from a light to strong stream of clean water.
  • NEW Precision nozzle adjuster gives you the control to clean your bum or front with a targeted stream.
  • NEW Naturally antimicrobial bamboo or brass knob keeps your home clean with a modern, luxury design that fits any bathroom.
  • NEW Slim body with Patented Buildup Resistant Design for a sleek profile that seamlessly fits into your home and minimizes grime buildup.
  • On-demand support (including text, phone, email, or video support) from our expert Poo-Rus with over 100,000 5-Star Reviews to ensure a stress-free and quick install.
  • Over 16,000 5-Star Reviews.
  • 30-day Hassle-Free Returns.
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    Warm water
    Self-cleaning nozzle
    Universal fit
    No electricity required
    Install time
    8 ½ min
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    8 ½ min

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    TUSHY Classic

    We spent 8 years perfecting the bidet:


    TUSHY Classic

    We spent 8 years perfecting the bidet:

    The patented Schmutz Shield™
    keeps your toilet clean and poop
    free and is easy to wipe down.

    The patented Smart Spray™,
    self-cleaning nozzle cleans after every spray
    and tucks away when not in use.

    Easy-to-clean, patented rotating
    flanges seamlessly connect your
    TUSHY to your toilet.

    Know your butt angles. Adjust to your
    perfect spray angle with the precision
    nozzle adjuster.

    Select your ideal water pressure
    from a light bum rinse to a strong,
    steady wash.


    0 5-star reviews

    Review by anonymous real<br>Pooping Human

    “TUSHY makes pooping in a public toilets feel like a barbaric act. Cannot imagine a #2 without a bidet since this entered our lives!”

    anonymous real
    Pooping Human
    Review by nasser w.<br>real Pooping Human

    “Easy to install and operate. My butt feels clean. I should have purchased one years ago. Love it.”

    nasser w.
    real Pooping Human
    Review by  jason g.<br>real Pooping Human

    “Love this thing! Precision spray right where you need it. Install was a breeze. I have a happy butt!”

     jason g.
    real Pooping Human
    Review by courtney s.<br>Real Pooping Human

    “Buy it. Who doesn’t want a clean butt? Easy to install , modern design to fit my decor, and simple to use.”

    courtney s.
    Real Pooping Human
    Review by julie k.<br>real Pooping Human

    “Just a matter of time before I buy one for my other bathroom!!! I absolutely love the clean feeling! My bum is [gratefull] for each moment spent spraying!”

    julie k.
    real Pooping Human
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    We are on a mission to elevate poopers and the planet with the most innovative and sustainable toileting products.

    Frequently asked questions

    Sit, poop, spray, pat dry. Turn the dial on your TUSHY control panel to activate the bidet nozzle after you plop. Fresh, pressurized water will spray your b-hole clean. Let it flow for a few seconds before patting your booty dry with a towel or a few squares of bamboo TP!

    100%. You don’t need any plumbing expertise to install your TUSHY bidet. In just 8 ½ minutes, using a basic screwdriver and the connections included in your bidet kit, you’ll be pooping in an upgraded throne.

    How To Install a Bidet Seat Or Bidet Attachment

    You only need 11" from the centerline of your toilet in order for TUSHY to fit into any tight space. Check out the diagram with all of TUSHY's measurements below.

    It really is as easy as 1-2-3 before you number 2. Simply use the adapter provided in the box to connect the TUSHY to the water supply that fills your toilet tank. The included hose will connect the adapter to the TUSHY. There is no electrical hook-up, it's pressure based, all you need to do is turn the knob and water will come out like bum washin' magic! Takes 10 mins to install on standard toilets!

    Temperature! TUSHY Classic cleans your bum with a cool stream of water. TUSHY Spa contains an extra knob and sink hookup to wash your booty with cool AND warm water.

    No one’s got your back(side) like TUSHY. We’ve got over 100,000 5-star reviews along with live human Poo-Ru support that’s second to none. In addition to being easy to install and beautiful to use, TUSHY has thoughtful touches not found on other affordable bidets. Like a sh*t ton of color options and antimicrobial knobs.

    If you've had a change of fart, you can return your undamaged TUSHY bidet within 30 days of your initial order date. Be sure to check with our supportive Poo-Rus—we've got solutions for most any install scenario!

    Pre-authorization for all returns must be obtained from TUSHY. If a return is sent without prior authorization, it will not be refunded or credited. So be sure to use our returns portal to get that authorization!

    To initiate a return please use our self-service returns portal here.

    TUSHY Limited Warranty: Our bidets come with a 12-month guarantee on equipment and parts. We will promptly replace any defective parts, free of charge, within the specified warranty period.

    Note on Refunds: Refunds include only the cost of the product; we do not refund shipping fees or customs fees you may have paid on your original purchase. If you are returning your product before opening the box, please do not open the box or break the security seal before returning it. Receiving a sealed box will significantly speed-up your refund once the box is received at our returns facility. 10% will be deducted from your refund to cover shipping and restocking costs.

    Return Exceptions: Sale items, deeply discounted Bundles (Eco Bundle, ASS-ential Bundle, The System), TUSHY Brush, TUSHY Stand, Coconut Husk Scrubbing Pads, bamboo drying products, towel products, t-shirts (and other TUSHY merch items) are not eligible for returns. All orders outside of the contiguous U.S. and Canada are not eligible for returns.

    TUSHY Classic and TUSHY Spa are both American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified. Essentially, that means that they are compliant with commercial and residential plumbing standards.