Organic Bamboo Bath Towels by TUSHY (2-Pack)

Product - organic bamboo fiber bath towels Product - organic bamboo fiber bath towels

Bamboo Towels (2-Pack)

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Organic Bamboo Bath Towels by TUSHY (2-Pack)

The softest towels in the world.

Close your eyes and imagine a soft, beautiful, and friendly panda sitting on your bed. He has a steaming cup of chamomile tea, an Amazon Firestick with your favorite guilty-pleasure movies queued up, and a kind welcoming smile. He giggles as you run into his open arms and bury your face into his warm and gentle embrace. That's what these towels feel like. Our organic bamboo fiber bath towels, made from 100% natural fibers, are the closest thing you'll get to a Netflix-and-chill with a panda bear. Wrap yourself from head to booty to toe in the softest damn towel in the world.

  • 2-pack of naturally anti-bacterial, unbleached towels
  • 100% organic fibers
  • Dimensions: 68cm x 136cm
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. 



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100% Sustainable

Switching to bamboo exponentially re-deuces your carbon footprint.

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100% Faster

Our bamboo grows up to 39 inches in a day.

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100% Safer

Free of bleach and cancer-causing BPAs.

The softest towel in the world.

Absorbment, easy to dry, and made from 100% organic fibers.

Wrap yourself from
head to booty to toe.

Feels like a big ole hug. And we all need a hug today.

Wash and Dry for maximum fluff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why bamboo?

Bamboo products are not only soft like a baby panda's bottom and absorbent for optimal butt patting, but(t) it is also a sustainable resource. Bamboo absorbs 35% more CO₂ per hectare than equivalent plants and can grow up to 39 inches in just one day. That means that bamboo is ultrareplenishable in addition to helping reduce deforestation (15% of deforestation is due to toilet paper production).

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