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Clean on the go!

TUSHY Travel

TUSHY Travel

Completely portable and simple to use - no batteries required.



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TUSHY Ottoman

You're cleaning the right way, you should poop the right way!


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On January 20, 2021, the American people will inaugurate the first Bidet into office as Commander In Cheeks of the United States of America. There’s absolutely no way we’re misreading that and we fully accept this immense responsibility. We guess anything is better than a dump that refuses to exit. And we won’t let you down!
Meet your next President, TUSHY Classic Bidet 3.0.

Classic Bidet 3.0


TUSHY Bidet was born a tiny little idea in Brooklyn, NY. While attending Brown University, where it graduated Summa Bum Laude, TUSHY Bidet learned that one small spray could make a global impact. From that day forward, TUSHY Bidet became a pubic servant dedicating its life to making bidets accessible to the American people.

Meet Classic 3.0

“To change the hearts of many, you must first wash the holes of many.”
- TUSHY C. Bidet

“Our unity is our strength, our diversity is our power and a clean butthole is our right.”
- TUSHY Spa Bidet 3.0

Spa Bidet 3.0

Vice President

TUSHY Spa Bidet 3.0 made history in the 2020 election by becoming, not only the first bidet, but the first warm water bidet elected to be Vice President of the United States. TUSHY Spa Bidet 3.0 graduated from Showered University with honors and served as the Ass-torney General to The Goldump State before being elected to the Senate. TUSHY Spa is for the people who poop.

Meet Spa 3.0

Cabinet Members

  • TUSHY Stand & Squares

    Environmental Poo-tection Agency

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  • TUSHY Travel

    Department of Trans-poo-tation

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  • TUSHY Bum Towels

    Department of the Posterior

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Dear Real Pooping Humans of These Here United States,

When we started this journey, we set out to clean every butt in America. In doing so, we never imagined that you would believe in our mission so much that you’d elect Bidet as your Commander-in-Cheeks. We didn’t even think we were on the ballot, tbh. And no one invited us to any of the debates! …Weird. Needless to say, this has come as a real shock but I, TUSHY Bidet, will lead this country into a cleaner, greener, healthier and wealthier future. You can bet your clean ass on that.

TUSHY Classic Bidet 3.0
TUSHY Classic Bidet 3.0

In my first 100 days in office, I pledge to:

Be installed in 1,000 American Homes.

Wash the butts of 500,000 Americans.

Reduce the carbon buttprint of the United States by cutting TP usage by 80%.

Clean the gap between the cheeks of congress. Clean up the humanitarian disaster that Big Toilet Paper has created with its shortage.

Protect 15 million trees from becoming ass wipes.

Give a 10% Discount to the First 100 Pooping Humans with the code Bidet2020.