Welcome to the Divine Cleaning Power of Ace

TUSHY Ace can’t wait to cater to your every toileting need! Refer to this guide at any time to ensure a cream of the plop install/user experience—and remember, our helpful Poo-Rus are always standing by.

A Luxurious Loo in Minutes

Installing your Ace is simple, intuitive and full of signature TUSHY joy. Before you start, assess your toilet type, water connection and the proximity of your electrical outlet to determine if you need any adapter/extension cord kits.

How to install your TUSHY Ace

Prefer text instructions?

View the installation guide.

Doing your business on a skirted toilet?

Watch the skirted toilet installation video.
The best seat

Enjoy the Best
Seat in the House

TUSHY Ace is equipped with the sleekest user experience on the market. Features are edited down, intuitive and easily adjusted via remote control. Have you held the remote control yet? Guaranteed to give you CFO energy.

How to Use Your TUSHY Ace Remote Control

1. Sit

TUSHY Ace will only spray when it senses your bottom on its throne. And just like that, every child’s devious plans are thwarted.

More Help?
Butt of Course!

Visit our help center for FAQs and troubleshooting support OR contact a TUSHY Poo-Ru one of three ways:

virtual installation support

Protect Your Ass-ets

Register your TUSHY Ace to secure your 1-year limited warranty and to get access to exclusive offers and deals. You can opt to get extra protection by purchasing an extended warranty here.


Hire Some Help

Your butt is basically royalty. Ensure your electrical outlet is safely installed and precisely to code by hiring a skilled Tasker.


Complete Your Throne